Chandigarh May 19, 2023-An acclaimed social worker, author, educator and philanthropist Dr. Sudha Murty had an interaction with the faculty and the students of Panjab University, Chandigarh. The interactive session was presided over by Professor Renu Vig, the Vice Chancellor of the University. Professor Rumina Sethi, Dean of University Instruction, hosted the conversation whereas Professor Anju Suri, Dean Alumni Relations were also on the dais.

While sharing her journey with faculty and student, she narrated various instances in her life which influenced her. When asked about her choice to become an author for children's books, she answered in a lighter vein that she wanted to debunk the misconception that a trained scientist can not become a writer. The real reason was to put into writing the experiences she gained by meeting and having conversation with people from different walks of life. As an author she feels that it is not the language per se but the story that captivates the reader. Answering young parents' questions, she said that parents are the role models for children. She also said that through her writings she wants to inculcate the right kind of values among the young readers. This is important as the times have changed. As for the mantra for attaining happiness and perfection in one’s own life, one should accept the hard realities of life and the imperfections one should always prioritize compassion over material wealth. Trying to keep human touch, helping others is critical to keep balance in life especially when in the present times technology is overpowering and almost dictating the human mind and choices. Everyone should pursue what one wants to do as she did in her own life sacrificing her career for children. She motivated the young students to work hard despite all the adversities they may face. She also emphasized on the significance of the qualities like sincerity, compassion, introspection, honesty, patience and hardwork. Many of these qualities one has to inculcate consciously with the passage of time.

Professor Rumina Sethi while concluding the programme marveled at the ability of Dr Murty to bridge the gap between science and literature. Calling her a polyglot who can easily pass as a psychoanalyst and psychologist. She also praised her for collapsing the boundary between business and philanthropy. Professor Anju Suri thanked the speaker. Professor Anupama Sharma anchored the programme.

Dr. Murty is here to attend 70th Panjab University Annual Convocation where she will be awarded with Honoris Causa Degree by the Sh. Jagdeep Dhankhar, Hon’ble Vice President of India.