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Sh. Dharam Pal, Adviser to Administrator, UT Chandigarh attending performance of sufi singer Kanwar Grewal organized by Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Akademi at Tagore Theatre NEWS FROM PUNJAB STATE CHANDIGARH POLICE BRIEF OF CASES DATED 02.06.2023NEWS RECEIVED FROM DELHI STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF C.M.SH.ARVIND KEJRIWALजनकल्याण और विकास के अलावा सरकार का कोई एजेंडा नहीं- मुकेश अग्निहोत्री DISTT.LEVEL NEWS RECEIVED FROM DPROS-SOLAN, CHAMBA,HAMIRPUR, UNATelangana Foundation Day celebrated at Raj BhavanMayor starts 'Chipkar' campaign as part of world bicycle day at MCC worker's storesNEWS RECEIVED FROM DPRO KANGRA FOCUSING DC KANGRA DR. NIPUN JINDAL AND OTHER NEWS'' बच्चों को बचपन में ही अध्यात्म से जोड़े "Total 43,000 bulk liters of illicit liquor seized in Revenur District NurpurSpirit of "Ek Bharat, Shresht Bharat" showcases in Telangana Foundation Day Celebration at Punjab Raj Bhawanकेंद्र और राज्य सरकार ग्राम विकास को प्रतिबद्ध: डॉ. चौहानGovernment would consider one-time settlement policy for Coop Bank loan defaultersअरुण सूद की हाईकोर्ट के वकीलों से "लंच पे चर्चा"3 जून को गन्नौर में डिप्टी सीएम, करीब 25 कार्यक्रमों में करेंगे शिरकत Agnihotri directs for curbing drug menaceNEWS RECEIVED FROM HARYANA STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF SH.MANOHAR LAL CHIEF MINISTER HARYANASurvey to be conducted for Dodra-Kwar and Kotkhai- Hatkoti Tunnels: CMशिक्षा के साथ साथ खेलों में भी बेटियों ने वर्चस्व किया कायम: प्रतिभाMCM holds annual convocation 2023Noble Gesture of Body Donation at PGIMERVERY IMPORTANT NEWS RECEIVED FROM DIRCTOR PUBLIC RELATIONS SHIMLA FOCUSING CM SH. SUKHVINDERE SINGH SUKHU AND HIS TEAM''परिवर्तन पदयात्रा आपके द्वार'' शुक्रवार को 92वें दिन जिला हिसार के बरवाला व उकलाना विधानसभा क्षेत्रों के बरवाला शहर, खेदड़, बालक एवं पाबड़ा गांवों में पहुंचीभारत सरकार के सूचना और प्रसारण मंत्रालय के अंतर्गत केंद्रीय संचार ब्यूरो, मंडी द्वारा सेरी मंच पर लगाई गई प्रदर्शनी के तीसरे दिन के विशेष अतिथि श्री विनय कुमार शर्मा ,जिला सूचना एव जन सम्पर्क अधिकरण रहे ,उन्होंने प्रदर्शनी का अवलोकन किया और प्रतियोगिताओं के विजेताओ को पुरस्क़ृत किया गया।Nominated councillors of Shimla Municipal Corporation met Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu late evening on 1st June 2023. It was a courtesy call.
*Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic has ‘Earth to Bottle’ 170 signature aromatherapy skin, hair, and wellness products - sustainably blending nature’s plant extracts to provide natural healing from within. We are attempting to bottle the sustainable phenomena of 'Green Science'.
Unisex Salons Related Activities #138848 - 20-Apr-2023 03:26 PM
*Richa Agarwal beamed with pride as she accepts the award for best makeup artist and Looking upbeat on receiving the honour Richa Agarwal, beauty expert and founder of Cleopatra stated, Winning the award for the best makeup expert is an honour for me
Unisex Salons Related Activities #137955 - 25-Mar-2023 07:36 PM
This Valentine's Day, Show your true natural self with Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic
*Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it's time to make your skin look healthier and glowier. When everything around you is beautiful and lovely, you would want to naturally look your best.
Unisex Salons Related Activities #136328 - 03-Feb-2023 04:22 PM
Say goodbye to all your winter skin woes with Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic
*Tight skin, Rough knuckles, Chapped lips? That's when you know winter has arrived. As the temperature starts dropping, the level of humidity decreases which wreaks havoc to the skin from head to toe. Say goodbye to all your winter skin woes because we've got you covered.
Unisex Salons Related Activities #136024 - 25-Jan-2023 01:10 PM
Floral themes were celebrated in makeovers for year 2023
*Richa Agarwal, makeover expert, said: "We see most brides wearing bold and traditional colors and makeovers in shades of red, maroon, dark pink, and fuchsia. Instead, we have shown that apart from heavy makeup and traditional colors, a fresh and soothing bridal look can be achieved with light and pastel colors".
Unisex Salons Related Activities #135904 - 23-Jan-2023 12:53 PM
Put combination skin woes to rest with Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic
*A few products suggested by ‘Dr.Blossom Kochhar, founder and chairperson of Aroma Magic’ can put your combination skin woes to rest. A definitive AM-to-PM skincare routine for your skin type.
Unisex Salons Related Activities #135445 - 09-Jan-2023 02:47 PM
Renowned Makeover Expert Richa Agarwal showcased the hottest and trendiest bridal makeover trends for the year 2023.
*According to Richa Agarwal, Every year we see evolution of fashion and makeuand the year 2023 is also going to witness the mega transition in terms of looks. The fashion looks presented today will be the most popular looks for brides in 2023 and will be the most in-style.
Unisex Salons Related Activities #134948 - 25-Dec-2022 12:49 PM
Winter makeovers that you won't want to miss in wedding season
*Celebrating winter wedding transformations with Cleopatra Salon and makeovers
Unisex Salons Related Activities #134085 - 25-Nov-2022 09:04 PM
On the occasion of Karwa Chouth Cleopatra Salon & makeovers organised "Solah Shringar Mela and presented exclusive looks for Karwachouth
*Makeover Experts Richa Agarwal along with beauty expert Harveen Kathuria explored and implemented new trends in a unique and subtle way. Latest trends and tips for the season were also shared with everyone and the right way of using beauty and makeup products for skin, hair and nail care were discussed. There were sessions on personal DIY Make-up, Professional Make-up, Bridal Make-up, Air-brushed Make-up, Bollywood Make-up, Western Make-up, Formal Informal Make-up, Party Make-up, Cat-walk Trends, Silicone Make-up -Up, High Definition Make-up, Mineral Make-up, Organic Make-up etc.
Unisex Salons Related Activities #132856 - 13-Oct-2022 12:02 PM
*Festival month is around the corner.We all deserve to take a break from worrying about the future and gear up to Welcome the festivals with big, bright smiles & glowing skin.To ensure festive selfies look bomb, here’s a simple skincare tips along with some combos. Glam makeup looks are a must along with Skincare.
Unisex Salons Related Activities #132832 - 12-Oct-2022 01:30 PM
'Every day protection with the goodness of nature'
*To stay protected from viruses an bacteria Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic launches new chemical-free Life Care products. A blend of Ayurvedic extracts act as powerful and gentle relief elements to skin.
Unisex Salons Related Activities #132048 - 22-Sep-2022 12:44 PM
*Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic proudly announces the launch of Neem & Tea Tree range.Neem which is rich in antioxidants,Vitamin C and minerals,with strong antimicrobial compounds and properties. Neem & Tea Tree range can benefit the skin in numerous ways.
Unisex Salons Related Activities #131514 - 08-Sep-2022 03:39 PM
*Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic proudly announces the launch of Neem & Tea Tree range.Neem which is rich in antioxidants,Vitamin C and minerals,with strong antimicrobial compounds and properties. Neem & Tea Tree range can benefit the skin in numerous ways.
Unisex Salons Related Activities #131211 - 31-Aug-2022 03:49 PM
Shefali Jariwala created inspiring looks and new trends for bridesmaids during the wedding season.
*Shefali Jariwala presented beautiful looks for bridesmaids on the theme of "My Best Friend's Wedding". Speaking about these looks, Richa Aggarwal said, "It is often seen that many trends are being forecast for bridal looks and there is also a showcasing of new looks, but there is little about the looks of friends of brides. It comes to the fore and in such a situation, bridesmaids are also very confused about their looks. In such a situation, we thought that this time some special looks should be created and kept in front for the friends of the brides".
Unisex Salons Related Activities #131088 - 28-Aug-2022 11:52 AM
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