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SAM A YOUNG MODEL VERY AMBITIOUS TO TOUCH SKIES IN HER PROFESSIONNEWS RECEIVED FROM PUNJAB STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF SH BHAGWANT SINGH MANN C.M.JIO BECOMES THE FIRST OPERATOR TO LAUNCH 5G SERVICES IN PATIALAबाजरा "आहार क्रांति" पर जागरूकता कार्यक्रम (7 फरवरी, 2023)मुख्यमंत्री ठाकुर सुखविंदर सिंह सुक्खू, उप-मुख्यमंत्री मुकेश अग्निहोत्री, शिक्षा मंत्री रोहित ठाकुर, पूर्व मंत्री वीरेंद्र कंवर की सुपुत्री के विवाह समारोह में शामिल हुए तथा वर-वधू को आशीर्वाद दिया।सुधीर शर्मा ने विद्यार्थियों को सम्मानित कर किया प्रोत्साहितNEWS RECEIVED FROM HARYANA STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF SH.MANOHAR LAL CHIEF MINISTER HARYANANEWS RECEIVED FROM DELHI STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF C.M.SH.ARVIND KEJRIWALधारा 118 से छेड़छाड़ नहीं, प्रदेश में बनाएंगे इन्वेस्टमेंट ब्यूरो -उद्योग मंत्रीमुख्यमंत्री ने नादौन और हमीरपुर विधानसभा क्षेत्र की विकासात्मक परियोजनाओं की समीक्षा कीBhagvad Gita, a guiding force: CM नैनीखड्ड रावमापा में विज्ञान और वाणिज्य संकाय होगा शुरू —-- कुलदीप सिंह पठानियाCM stressed for timely completion of works/ Got empty coffers from BJP Govt: CMकेवल सिंह पठानिया ने रैत स्कूल में नवाज़े होनहारHindus welcome prayer in a California school board, if it is rotated among religionsप्राकृतिक खेती पर नाहन में जिला स्तरीय कार्यशाला का आयोजनNEWS RECEIVED FROM DPRO SOLAN FOCUSING DC SOLA N कृतिका कुल्हारी AND OTHER NEWSState NSS Open Unit, UT Chandigarh concluded Special NSS Camp at GMHS, RC-2 Dhanas. एनडीडीवाई डिप्लोमा प्रदान किये गए शिक्षा में गुणवत्ता लाना प्रदेश सरकार की प्राथमिकता : नीरज नैय्यर The Department of Music, Panjab University, Chandigarh organised two days workshop "Tatkar-2023" on Teaching Areas and Techniques in Kathak: Academic and Aesthetic Review under Skill Enhancement Initiatives programme on February 06-07, 2023. महिलाओं को बताए प्राकृतिक खेती और मोटे अनाज के फायदेMCM holds 2-day Soft Skills course LPU lifted AIU's overall 1st Runners Up Trophy for Inter-University North Zone Youth Festival-2023St. Joseph's Bids Adieu to the XII Classबोरिवली खेल महोत्सव २०२३ की का शानदार शुरूवात
Dairy problems and probable collaboration discussed at Vet Varsity with PUM Experts
*While chairing the meeting Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor emphasized the need to work on a cluster-based approach for inviting experts and solving farming related problems. He stated that GADVASU and PUM Netherlands can enter into long-term collaboration.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #136320 - 03-Feb-2023 03:20 PM
Vice-Chancellor, Vet Varsity invokes rural students for higher education
*Dr. Inderjeet Singh came to visit the dairy farm established by the Rara Sahib Trust with the technical support of the University.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #136282 - 02-Feb-2023 02:12 PM
74th Republic Day Celebrations at Vet Varsity
*Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor, GADVASU, was the chief guest of the function. He extended his congratulations on 74th Republic day of the country. Dr. Singh unfurled the National Flag and highlighted the importance and spirit of the Indian Constitution for the development and prosperity of people. He praised the unity in the diversification of the country.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #136059 - 26-Jan-2023 01:24 PM
Vet Varsity Researchers earn laurels at National Conference
*Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice Chancellor congratulated all the participants and recipients of awards. He stated that GADVASU is receiving attention in both national and international arenas, adding that this recognition is a result of the diligent work put in by the teachers and students.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #136034 - 25-Jan-2023 03:50 PM
Scientists from 12 states participating in advanced training program on Animal Reproduction at Vet Varsity
*Dr. S K Uppal emphasized that there is need to train scientists in the field of animal reproduction as more than 60% of production losses are due to reproductive disorders. He also said that scientists working in this field must be aware about the measures to minimize lameness and metabolic disorders
Veterinary University Ludhiana #135833 - 20-Jan-2023 02:45 PM
Vet Varsity organizes Training Camps on Entrepreneurship through Mushroom Cultivation
*Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University organized two one-day training camps for beneficiary farmers at adopted villages in Block Mehal Kalan of Barnala district under ICAR funded ‘Farmer FIRST’ project of GADVASU. These training-cum-input distribution camps were organized under the guidance of Dr. P.S. Brar, Director of Extension Education–cum–Nodal officer of Farmer FIRST Project.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #135802 - 19-Jan-2023 06:59 PM
Vet varsity calls for empowerment of farmers for enhancing their income
In the inaugural session, Dr. Parkash Singh Brar, Director of Extension Education welcomed the guests to the training workshop. He said that KVKs have played a major role in promoting the application of technology in Punjab leading to increased farm income over the years.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #135739 - 17-Jan-2023 05:33 PM
Vet Varsity Signs MoU with HIMEDIA Laboratories Private Limited
*The MoU was signed by Dr JPS Gill, Director of Research GADVASU and Dr Rajas, Director Molecular Biology, HiMedia. Dr Gill highlighted the research activities of GADVASU and future plans in developing products and technologies. Dr Inderjeet Singh, Vice-chancellor, GADVASU graced the occasion and emphasized on developing functional MoUs having time bound activities and deliverables to the veterinary profession.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #135693 - 16-Jan-2023 05:41 PM
Vice Chancellor, Vet Varsity Acknowledge Pictorial Visuals "Sunrise of Punjab 2023"
*Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice Chancellor Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana admired the Pictorial work depicting Sunrise of Punjab compiled in form of a Calendar 2023 titled “ਸੂਰਜੁ ਏਕੋ ਰੁਤਿ ਅਨੇਕ- All seasons originate from the one Sun”
Veterinary University Ludhiana #135552 - 11-Jan-2023 08:39 PM
Union Cabinet Minister releases the policy papers published by Vet Varsity and National Academy of Veterinary Sciences
-The policy papers on “Trans-boundary viral diseases of Livestock- Foot and Mouth disease (FMD), Lumpy skin disease (LSD) and African Swine Fever (ASF)" (Image 1) and “Leptospirosis- a neglected disease” (Image 2) were released by Shri. Parshottam Rupala, Union Cabinet Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Government of India and Dr. D. V. R. Prakash Rao, President National Academy of Veterinary Sciences, India. *Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor GADVASU thanked the National Academy of Veterinary Sciences (NAVS) for entrusting GADVASU.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #135478 - 10-Jan-2023 03:19 PM
Capacity Building Centre inaugurated at Vet Varsity by the Secretary, Department of Fisheries, GOI
*Shri Jatindra Nath Swain, IAS Secretary, Department of Fisheries (DOF), Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Government of India (GOI) inaugurated the Capacity Building Resource Centre for Intensive Aquaculture Technologies developed at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), under Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY), in the presence of Shri Sagar Mehra, Joint Secretary, DOF, Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice Chancellor GADVASU, Sh. Jasvir Singh, Director and Warden Fisheries, Punjab and university Officers.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #135409 - 07-Jan-2023 05:45 PM
Vet Varsity Scientists sweep awards at International Symposium
*Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice Chancellor, GADVASU, congratulated all the participants and awardees. He affirmed that GADVASU is earning recognition on national and international platforms and it is due to the hard work carried out by the faculty members and students.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #135303 - 04-Jan-2023 03:40 PM
Condolence meeting held at Vet Varsity in respect of departed students
*Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor, GADVASU, Deans, directors, teachers, employees and students of the university came to pay homage and their respect in this condolence meeting
Veterinary University Ludhiana #135266 - 03-Jan-2023 04:24 PM
Fish Farming- Winter Care Tips by Vet Varsity Expert
*Fish needs special care during winters, being a cold-blooded animal. Dr. Meera D. Ansal, Dean, College of Fisheries, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana said that during winters farmers shall keep the pond water depth up to 6 feet to provide enough space to the fish for hibernating in the warmer bottom zone.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #135043 - 27-Dec-2022 03:49 PM
Training programme on "Fish Farming" concludes at vet varsity
Dr, Inderjeet Singh, Vice Chancellor, GADVASU endorsed that university is committed towards capacity building of stakeholders and providing diverse utility services for comprehensive development of animal husbandry, dairy and fisheries sectors; with special emphasis on entrepreneurship development. Dr. Meera D. Ansal, Dean, COF, communicated that tailor-made training programs are being organised by COF to instill need based skills among people aspiring to take up aquaculture as a full time/part time enterprise for self-reliance. Dr. Parkash Singh Brar, Director Extension Education, GADVASU shared that the vet varsity is mandated to uplift the livestock and fisheries sectors with latest scientific practices and a widespread extension network across the state.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #134927 - 23-Dec-2022 04:22 PM
Vet Varsity organizes an Impressive Dog Show
*The Dog Show began with the inaugural session, where Dr. Kamal Kumar Garg, IAS, chief guest inaugurated the show. *Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal, Vice-Chancellor, Punjab Agricultural University was the Chief Guest during the 'Valedictory Function'. *Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor, GADVASU said that the importance of pets is increasing with the rise in nuclear families and this exhibition presented a chance for all stakeholders to discuss various issues related to the welfare of pet animals.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #134789 - 18-Dec-2022 04:32 PM
Vet Varsity organizes Capacity building program of Women Farmer Interest Group
*Project team members Dr. Pragya Bhadauria, Co PI, Dr. Rekha Chawla and Dr Navkiran Kaur organized the camp in which a total of 15 women beneficiary farmers participated. Dr. Pragya in her expert lecture explained to women farmers how they can initiate and strengthen entrepreneurial activities through group based approach. She stressed to take any of the livestock based enterprise such as processing of milk into value added products, silage making, backyard farming, vermicomposting, cow waste based activities etc. to begin with their group activity on mutual consensus.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #134602 - 12-Dec-2022 03:49 PM
Vet Varsity professionals bring laurels at International Conference
*Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice Chancellor congratulated the organizers and awardees. Dr. Singh emphasized that in order to tackle complex public health issues like antimicrobial resistance, a unified approach in the form of One Health is crucial at the ground level, and GADVASU scientists are doing their best to address the complexity of antimicrobial resistance at the human-animal-environment interface.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #134540 - 10-Dec-2022 04:11 PM
Vet Varsity conducts training on innovations in Dairy Farming and Milk Processing
*While addressing the trainees, Dr. Parkash Singh Brar motivated them to take up milk processing for maximizing the benefits from dairy farming.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #134512 - 09-Dec-2022 03:36 PM
Vet Varsity celebrates World Soil Day
*Dr Meharban Singh Kahlon, Principal Soil Physicist, Department of Soils, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana delivered an invited lecture on “The Importance of Soil Health” *Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor congratulated the faculty and students for organising this event in GADVASU. Dr YPS Malik, Dean College(s) of Animal Biotechnology and Dairy Science and Technology thanked the faculty, staff and students for their active participation in this event.
Veterinary University Ludhiana #134435 - 06-Dec-2022 05:47 PM
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