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Dipika Chikhlia Topiwala had a blast at completing Dhartiputra Nandini 200 episodesModi should have helped Himachal during monsoon fury: Congress PM failed to assist Himachal in disaster, didn't increase apple import duty: Congress Chandigarh for all the Chandigarh Police officers & officials in which senior officers briefed the police officials about the election duty and heard their grievances. मुझे ईडी का कोई डर नहीं : जयप्रकाश -कमलेश भारतीयपोर्श‌ कार कांड : यह हमारा लाइफ स्टाइल.... ? -कमलेश भारतीयकांग्रेस में भितरघात नहीं, ओपनघात : डाॅ कमल गुप्ता -कमलेश भारतीय MODELING IS VERY VAST FIELD ALTHOUGH YET SAM BEING A YOUNG LADY HAD ATTAINED MASTERY IN HER PERFORMANCES WHILE WALKING ON THE RAMPभगवान ने माखन चोरी नहीं की बल्कि उन वैष्णवों के हृदय को चुराया जिनका हृदय मक्खन जैसा हो गया था : श्री हरि ओम शरण जी महाराज NEWS RECEIVED FROM YASH PAL NEWS RECEIVED FROM DPRO CHAMBA FOCUSING DC CHAMBA SH.मुकेश रेपसवाल AND OTHER NEWSNEWS RECEIVED FROM DPRO HAMIRPUR चहुंमुखी विकास के लिए जेजेपी का साथ दें – दुष्यंत चौटालाआपदा में कांग्रेस के निक्कमेपन का गवाह बना हिमाचल: अनुराग ठाकुरसत्ता भोगी नहीं, कर्मयोगी सांसद चुने जनता - दिग्विजय चौटाला प्रधानमंत्री मोदी हिमाचल में करेंगे दो जनसभाओं को सम्बोधित12000 un-casted postal ballots exchanged at State level clearing center - established for easy exchange of postal ballot papersMann cheated farmers on MSP & compensation on flood affected crops: Dr. Subhash Sharmaमांगू, कशलोग व बांजण क्षेत्र के लोगों को बताया मतदान का महत्वChandigarh Police Brief of Cases Dated 22.05.2024Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla in association with National Commission for Women, New Delhi conducted One-Day Capacity Building Programme on RISE AND LEAD YOUNG WOMEN PIONEERING IN TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS AND PUBLIC LIFESehaj Celebrates Police Joining Day with Kabir.NEWS RECEIVED FROM DPRO UNA FOCUSING DC UNA SH.JATIN LAL AND OTHER EVENTSNEWS RECEIVED FROM YASH PAL *सांप्रदायिक,घोर जातिवादी व परिवारवादी है कांग्रेस : कंगनाNEWS RECEIVED FROM HARYANA STATE जिला व्यय निगरानी समिति ने की नकदी जब्ती मामलों की समीक्षा*
World IBD Day-19th May
*PGIMER Organized Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient Awareness Program *"We have to take knowledge and medical care to the public," Prof. Dutta
PGI Chandigarh #154153 - 19-May-2024 05:12 PM
Again Tragedy Turns to Hope through Organ Donation
*12-Year-Old’s Heart travels 2500 kilometres from Chandigarh to Chennai for a Matching Recipient *Other harvested organs including Liver, Kidneys & Corneas transplanted here in PGIMER Impacting Six Lives & Inspiring Countless Others
PGI Chandigarh #154115 - 18-May-2024 05:16 PM
National Institute of Nursing Education, PGI organized CNE on Trauma Nursing Update.
*The event was graced by the presence of distinguished guests Prof. Vipin Koushal, Medical Superintendent of the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), and Prof. S.K. Gupta, Head of the Department of Neurosurgery, PGIMER Chandigarh.
PGI Chandigarh #154086 - 17-May-2024 07:31 PM
World IBD Day celebrations Program- 18 May 2024 at 3:00 PM in Bharagava Auditorium, PGIMER
*When is World IBD day and why is it celebrated?
PGI Chandigarh #154076 - 17-May-2024 05:43 PM
PGIMER Celebrates International Nurses Day with an inspiring Symposium themed "Our Nurses, Our Future: The Economic Power of Care"
*The symposium, themed "Our Nurses, Our Future: The Economic Power of Care," highlighted the vital role of nurses in healthcare and the economic benefits of investing in nursing and was graced by Prof. Vipin Koushal, Medical Superintendent & Head Dept of Hospital Administration PGIMER, as the Chief Guest.
PGI Chandigarh #154047 - 16-May-2024 06:21 PM
Enthralling Evening of Kathak Delights Audience at PGIMER Chandigarh's Bhargava Auditorium
*Adding to the prestige of the event was the esteemed presence of Prof. R.K. Ratho,Sub Dean Research as the Chief Guest, along with many members of the Institute Faculty, students and staffand other Kathak loverseager to witness the maestro on stage.
PGI Chandigarh #154042 - 16-May-2024 05:47 PM
Marking International Nurses Day, PGI Nurses Welfare Association and ROTTO (North) organize Blood Donation and Organ Pledging Camp
*Prof. Vipin Koushal, Medical Superintendent and Head of the Department of Hospital Administration at PGIMER, graced the event as the Chief Guest, while Mrs. Jaspal Kaur, Chief Nursing Officer at PGIMER, attended as the Guest of Honour.
PGI Chandigarh #154012 - 15-May-2024 07:52 PM
PGI organized the Patient Awareness program during International Vasculitis awareness month
*The month of May is celebrated as International vasculitis awareness month.The program was inaugurated by Prof Naresh Panda, Dean(Academics), PGIMER, Chandigarh. *The first session was a talk by Prof Aman Sharma on making the patients and the relatives aware about the precautions, warning signs, dietary and lifestyle recommendations etc.
PGI Chandigarh #153989 - 15-May-2024 02:30 PM
PGIMER takes another Pioneering Step Deploys NSS Volunteers to streamline Patient Rush under Project Sarathi Compassion stands as the ultimate antidote to 'burnout' and frustration for today's impatient youth : Director PGIMER
*Prof. Vivek Lal, Director PGIMER, while addressing the delegates at the Launch Ceremony of Project Sarathi, enthusiastically endorsed the initiative, underlining the institution's unwavering commitment to prioritizing patient welfare.
PGI Chandigarh #153937 - 13-May-2024 07:36 PM
PGI Hematology team wins Inter-College Quiz Competition
*This quiz was organized to commemorate International Hemophilia Day, observed on 17th April, and International Thalassemia Day, observed on 8th May.
PGI Chandigarh #153868 - 11-May-2024 08:01 PM
Dr. Aditya Aggarwal takes over as the Head of the Orthopaedics department at PGIMER Chandigarh
*Dr. Aggarwal completed his MS degree and Diplomate of National Board from PGIMER in 1990, and later joined the institution as a faculty member in 1996.
PGI Chandigarh #153867 - 11-May-2024 07:46 PM
Dr M. S. Dhillon retires from PGIMER after 37 years of service
*Professor MS Dhillon, Orthopaedic Surgeon retired from service at the PGIMER after an illustrious career spanning 37 years, with a short but illustrious stint in Srilanka where he worked with international sports persons.
PGI Chandigarh #153822 - 10-May-2024 04:15 PM
International Thalassaemia Day Celebrated by Thalassaemic Charitable Trust is always committed to the welfare of the thalassaemic patients since 1985
*Prof(Dr) R.K. Ratho - Dean Research (acting Director) PGI inaugurated the Blood Donation Camp by cutting a cake with patients of Thalassaemia *Thalassaemic Charitable Trust PGIMER-GMCH (Regd) a pioneer Trust for supporting Thalassaemics of the northern India and Department of Transfusion Medicine, PGIMER, Chandigarh organised a Mega Blood Donation Camp on 8th May 2024 in PGI Chandigarh on the occasion of International Thalassaemia Day.
PGI Chandigarh #153754 - 08-May-2024 04:44 PM
PGI Chandigarh #153633 - 07-May-2024 12:33 PM
3rd Smart Medication Day "Be Medication Aware"
*Prof. Vipin Koushal's presence as Chief Guest added prestige to the proceedings, alongside Dr. Nilima Kshirsagar and Dr. Sanjay Badada, who were honored as Guests of Honor.
PGI Chandigarh #153684 - 06-May-2024 04:51 PM
CME on cardiovascular health in women: strategies and prevention organized by PGIMER
*In a recent study, Dr Neelam, Associate Professor of Cardiology, PGIMER Chandigarh showed that 44% women who suffered cardiovascular disease were obese and only 1 % of them had adequate fruit intake in their daily diet. Women also had poor awareness about heart disease and associated risk factors.
PGI Chandigarh #153630 - 04-May-2024 08:57 PM
ROTTO PGIMER's MANTHAN : 2024 :Roundtable Workshop
*Witnesses the participation of over 150 delegates from across the regionAddresses Challenges in Deceased Organ Donation*Advocates for Requisite Infrastructure, Motivated Healthcare Professsionals, Community Engagement as Critical Enablers*Felicitates Luminaries for their Contribution to the Cause
PGI Chandigarh #153588 - 03-May-2024 07:14 PM
PGIMER organized a "Mental Health Awareness Programme" at the Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Kot, Panchkula
*Department of Psychiatry, PGIMER Chandigarh organized a highly successful “Mental Health Awareness Programme” at the Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Kot, Panchkula, Haryana dated 22nd April 2024.
PGI Chandigarh #153478 - 30-Apr-2024 09:14 PM
PGIMER Receives Generous Donation of Rs 2 Crores for Poor Patients Welfare Fund
*The generous contribution was made by Sh Ashok Kundra, a retired IAS officer, in the memory of his father late Sh Atma Ram Kundra for providing help to the poor and needy patients at the bottom of the pyramid suffering from non-terminable diseases for treatment, procedures, tests and medicines etc.
PGI Chandigarh #153470 - 30-Apr-2024 06:34 PM
Prof. Vivek Lal, Director PGIMER honored 10 officers/officials on their superannuation today
*Prof. Vipin Koushal Medical Superintendent, Prof. M. S. Sandhu, Head, Deptt. of Radiodiagnosis, Prof. Sunil Sethi, Deptt. of Medical Microbiology, Lt. Col. G. S Bhatti, Superintending Hospital Engineer, Smt. Jaspal Kaur, Acting C.N.O., and Mrs. Sandeep Kaur, Superintendent, C.S.S.D.were also present on the occasion.
PGI Chandigarh #153454 - 30-Apr-2024 04:27 PM
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