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CHEVAL COLLECTION SHOWCASES LUXURY WITH ATM DUBAI 20232 days left, 75K yet to pay property tax in ChandigarhOn the completion of nine years of the Modi government, a month-long public relations campaign launched .NEWS FROM PUNJAB STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF SH BHAGWANT SINGH MANN C.M.NEWS RECEIVED FROM DELHI STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF C.M.SH.ARVIND KEJRIWAL- डिप्टी सीएम दुष्यंत चौटाला ने दो सड़कों को दी मंजूरीइंग्लिश मीडियम निरंकारी सन्त समागम आयोजित*सड़कों और पुलों के निर्माण में किसी भी प्रकार की अनियमितता बर्दाश्त नहींे होगी, लोक निर्माण विभाग के अधिकारी रखें गुणवत्ता का ख्याल-विक्रमादित्य सिंह/विक्रमादित्य सिंह ने किया 1.50 करोड़ की लागत से दनोई पुल का उदघाटनDISTT.LEVELNEWS THROUGH DPROS- HAMIRPUR, MANDI AND SOLANजल्द शुरू करें हिसार एलिवेटिड रोड का निर्माण कार्य, डिप्टी सीएम ने अधिकारियों को दिए निर्देश- दिग्विजय चौटाला बने हैंडबॉल एसोसिएशन इंडिया के अध्यक्षNEWS RECEIVED FROM DPRO KANGRA FOCUSING DC KANGRA डाॅ. निपुण जिंदल AND OTHER NEWSNEWS RECEIVED FROM DPRO CHAMBA FOCUSING DC CHAMBA SH. अपूर्व देवगन AND OTHER NEWSNEWS RECEIVED FROM HARYANA STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF SH.MANOHAR LAL CHIEF MINISTER HARYANALPU's fashion design students showcased their designer clothes at Delhi Fashion Week-2023मिशन लाइफ के तहत भरमौर बाजार व होली में कार्यक्रम आयोजितMedia Mahakumbh-2023 concludedIAS probationers call on Guvबेहतर रोज़गार, सड़क सुविधा और गुणवत्तायुक्त स्वास्थ्य सेवाएं प्रदान करवाना प्रदेश सरकार का लक्षय - संजय अवस्थीतनाव को दूर करने के लिए जिन शिन ज्यूत्सू तकनीक सिखाई जोयिता गोस्वामी ने कांगू स्कूल में दी मासिक धर्म स्वच्छता की जानकारी, प्रतियोगिताओं का भी किया आयोजनCM bats for handing over Shanan Project to the State with Union Power Minister Governor honored mountaineer Baljit Kaur at Raj Bhavanजिला स्कूल क्रीड़ा संगठन की बैठक में वार्षिक खेल कैलेंडर पारितप्रदेश सरकार समाज के समस्त वर्गों के कल्याण के लिए प्रतिबद्ध– कुलदीप सिंह पठानियामीडियाकर्मियों की मांगों को लेकर जुलाई में संसद भवन पर होगा प्रदर्शन
Students Magazine 'Jawan Tarang' released at Panjab University
-Professor Renu Vig, Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University, Chandigarh released the annual student based magazine ‘Jawan Tarang’ for the session 2022-2023, representing the activities of Department of Youth Welfare, Panjab University, Chandigarh.
Punjab University Chandigarh #140103 - 29-May-2023 04:49 PM
Punjab University Chandigarh #140059 - 27-May-2023 07:08 PM
Punjab University Chandigarh #139854 - 22-May-2023 02:54 PM
NSS Panjab University, in collaboration with Boys Hostel 2, organized a grand tree plantation drive on 21st May, 2023. The event aimed to promote environmental sustainability and raise awareness about the importance of tree conservation.
*Speaking at the event, Sh. Satya Pal Jain emphasized the importance of tree plantation in mitigating climate change and maintaining ecological balance. *Sh. Davesh Moudgil, in his address, commended the collaborative efforts of NSS Panjab University and Boys Hostel 2 in creating awareness among students about environmental stewardship
Punjab University Chandigarh #139831 - 21-May-2023 05:51 PM
Students must script the blueprint of New India @ 2047": Vice-President
*Vice-President addresses 70th Annual Convocation of Panjab University, Chandigarh*VP meets Senate, Syndicate, Students Union, Teachers and Non-Teachers Association of the University*Awards Honoris Causa Degrees to former CJI and MP, Shri Ranjan Gogoi and philanthropist, Smt. Sudha Murty
Punjab University Chandigarh #139808 - 20-May-2023 06:00 PM
Dr. Sudesh Dhankar, the wife of Hon'ble Vice President of India, made a visit to Ankur School, Sector 14 Chandigarh today to inaugurate the newly built Multi Purpose Hall of the school.
*Dr. Sudesh Dhankar in her address appreciated the school’s efforts of adding an impressive building of the MPH which is fully equipped with AC and has a seating capacity for 300 people.
Punjab University Chandigarh #139802 - 20-May-2023 04:49 PM
An acclaimed social worker, author, educator and philanthropist Dr. Sudha Murty had an interaction with the faculty and the students of Panjab University, Chandigarh.
*The interactive session was presided over by Professor Renu Vig, the Vice Chancellor of the University.
Punjab University Chandigarh #139781 - 19-May-2023 07:56 PM
The Department of Indian Theatre, Panjab University, Chandigarh, has culminated its annual production "Jasma Odan," written by Shanta Gandhi. The play is designed and directed by Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Chairperson of the Department of Indian Theatre, Panjab University, Chandigarh.
*Dr. Navdeep Kaur, the director of the play, mentioned that it is an excellent experience to explore our roots and traditions with the young generation. Furthermore, she mentioned that she was quite happy to see the positive transformation in her students as their teacher.
Punjab University Chandigarh #139726 - 18-May-2023 05:10 PM
This is for information of the candidates in particular and public in general that the earlier notification regarding postponement of all examinations scheduled for 19th and 20th May due to Annual Convocation hereby stands withdrawn.
*This is for information of the candidates in particular and public in general that the earlier notification regarding postponement of all examinations scheduled for 19th and 20th May due to Annual Convocation hereby stands withdrawn.
Punjab University Chandigarh #139658 - 16-May-2023 07:12 PM
Punjab University Chandigarh #139611 - 15-May-2023 05:09 PM
PU, SPSTI and CRIKC organized National Technology Day on 11th May 2023 at Panjab University, Chandigarh. On this auspicious day, the honourable Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, Prof. Renu Vig honoured 14 faculty members of Panjab University
*Prof. Seema Kapoor from Dr.S.S.B. University Institute of Chemical Engineering & Technology was honoured with certificate of appreciation and cash award of Rs.11000/- for a patent titled “Fluorine and zinc Co-substituted mesoporous hydroxyapatite nanopowder and method thereof” granted jointly to Panjab University and Punjab Engineering College on 7th September 2022.
Punjab University Chandigarh #139485 - 11-May-2023 04:24 PM
Signing Ceremony of an MoU between IIPA, New Delhi and PU
*Prof. Renu Vig, Vice-Chancellor presented the vision of the MoU and suggested that the students of Panjab University should benefit from this partnership through visits to IIPA, internships and joint seminars.
Punjab University Chandigarh #139398 - 08-May-2023 07:11 PM
*Although COVID-19 hindered the farewell celebrations of previous cabinets, the team left no stone unturned in making sure they had the best time, said Prof. SeemaKapoor, Faculty Advisor, Enactus team.
Punjab University Chandigarh #139322 - 05-May-2023 05:14 PM
Prof. Renu Vig, Vice Chancellor, Panjab University, Chandigarh today made a surprise visit to the various departments located in Administrative Block which includes General Branch, Registration and Migration section and Accounts Section.
*She asked various sections to maintain movement register of the employees and to maintain timelines for movement of files and completion of tasks. She interacted with the employee of various sections in the administrative block and asked for the suggestions to improve the facilities and accessibility of these branches for the students and faculty members.
Punjab University Chandigarh #139262 - 03-May-2023 06:01 PM
Annual Day Celebration with great fervor at Boys Hostel No 4
*The event kick started with formal introduction of Chief Guest, Prof. Emanual Nahar (Chairman, Minority Commission, Punjab), Guest of Honour, Prof. Sanjay Kaushik, DCDC, P.U., Chd. and Sh. Kumar Gaurav Dhawan, Deputy Director, PGI, Chandigarh.
Punjab University Chandigarh #139186 - 01-May-2023 03:58 PM
UIPS, PU professor honoured with WIPO NATIONAL AWARD FOR INVENTORS by GOI on World Intellectual Property Day
*Professor Indu Pal Kaur, Chairperson (UIPS), Panjab University was bestowed upon with the prestigious WIPO NATIONAL AWARD FOR INVENTORS by the Government of India (GoI) on World Intellectual Property Day on 26th April 2023 at Vanijya Bhawan, New Delhi, to recognise and celebrate her immense contribution to Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Punjab University Chandigarh #139097 - 28-Apr-2023 04:17 PM
-The Vice Chancellor Panjab University Prof Renu Vig hosted the first Research Advisory Council meeting.
*Prof Vig welcomed the Directors and expressed her desire to integrate the research activities amongst the Institutions to promote inter-disciplinary work.
Punjab University Chandigarh #139041 - 26-Apr-2023 05:11 PM
Principals meet for the implementation of National Education Policy-2020 w.e.f. the session 2023-2024 by Panjab University, Chandigarh, was held today i.e. 20.4.2023 under the chairmanship of Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. Renu Vig at Rajiv Gandhi College Bhawan, Panjab University, Chandigarh
*While addressing Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. Renu Vig informed the Principals that Panjab University is in the process to implement the National Education Policy-2020 from the ensuing session 2023-2024.
Punjab University Chandigarh #138868 - 20-Apr-2023 06:38 PM
UIPS organizes a two-day Symposium-cum-Workshop on Pharma QbD
*The event was inaugurated by Professor Renu Vig, Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University, Chandigarh, when in her inaugural address, she stressed on the importance of recognizing challenges and limitations of pharmaceutical industry especially in the wake of recent pandemic.
Punjab University Chandigarh #138867 - 20-Apr-2023 06:28 PM
Delegation from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia Visited PU
*The delegation from QUT, Prof. Troy Wayne Farrell, the Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Prof. Ian Mark O’Hara, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Engineering and other representatives were welcomed by Prof. Renu Vig, the Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, along with Prof. Rumina Sethi, DUI, Prof. S K Kansal, DIS and other senior officials and faculty members.
Punjab University Chandigarh #138834 - 19-Apr-2023 07:25 PM
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