In today’s live session, Mannat Bajwa a proud Josephian, of class XI Non-Medical got the golden opportunity to represent tricity, have her question shortlisted and telecasted during Pariksha Pe Charcha – 2023. She was amongst the 29 shortlisted students from India for today’s Question-Answer session in our hon’ble Prime Minister’s Pariksha Pe Charcha – 2023.

Mannat had been trying her luck for the past three years and was fortunate enough this time. She had put forth the question that “When I imagine myself in place of prestige such as yours…running a country equivalent to India with a roaring population and a plethora of opinions. People who have negative opinions about you, affect you in any way and if so, how do you overcome feelings of self-doubt?” To which the honorable Prime Minister smilingly reverted that criticism is a healthy ladder for success. He clarified that blame & criticism are two sides of the same coin. Healthy criticism is a nutrient for having a healthy mindset and strong persona.

He also notably remarked that these days’ students are not criticized but are constantly accosted by their parents which if not checked and clogged will not result in a transformed and better version of the student. He strongly advised the parents to stop peer comparison. Resonating with the theme of appearing for the examination in stress-free manner, he wished the students good luck and guided them to stay focused with an aim to conquer their goals.

Mannat Bajwa’s happiness knew no bounds as her question’s answer has left an indelible imprint not only on her but on the student community of India.

The Principal Ms. Monica Chawla, the staff and the students cohort felt gratified watching her being answered by Honorable Prime Minister. The Principal congratulated the proud parents and Ms. Ritu Sharma, the class teacher for the honour and pride which is there to stay forever.