Shimla,10.08.22- BJP State co incharge Sanjay Tandon took a meeting of the BJP state media department in deep kamal chakkar.
BJP State President Suresh kashyap also took part in the meeting.
Various issues regaring the media working of BJP were discussed in the meeting.
Sanjay Tandon said we have taken stock of the situation on ground and soon we will be making a soild game plan to counter congress on all fronts.
He said that congress is misguiding the general public through their false speeches and promises.
People know the difference between the two governments , during the congress regime the people have seen tough times but the BJP government has shown the public what is the true meaning of good governance.
He said that himachal has seen an all round development during the BJP government. We have a honest government and a honest chief minister in state.
The BJP government does what it say's and we have completed 99% of our manifesto commitments.