Chandigarh, 15.06.24- : Get ready to enjoy sumptuous, mouth watering dishes made of pure, healthier organic mangoes at Velvet Clarks Exotica, Zirakpur-Chandigarh. The tricity's much awaited 'Go Man-Go Festival' has kicked off and will go on till July 14th. It's open from 7 PM to 11 PM.

Mangoes have been used creatively to design a mouth watering starter and main course menu. Some of these are Mango Paneer tikka, Chicken tikka with mango dips, Mango Shahi Kofta, Mango Chicken Curry, Spiced Mango Soup, Mango Chicken Tikka Chaat, Mango Souffle , Mango lassi, and Aam panna among others.
Sight , smell , taste and texture are the 4 senses that come together to provide a full experience of the meal we eat. However researchers have found hearing or listening to sound can have a significant impact on our eating experience therefore we are offering two of our signature dishes as sizzlers these are Mango paneer tikka and Chicken tikka with mango dips .
Talking to media persons, Maninderjit Singh, General Manager, Velvet Clarks Exotica, said: "Mangoes used to prepare the lip smacking cuisine are from a farm spread across 13 acres of area. No pesticides have been used and the mango trees have been grown organically. Due to this the fruits are tastier and healthier. The festival follows 'the farm to fork model' as mangoes are brought to the consumer's table straight from the farm without any intermediaries." He said that since 2015, 'Go Man-Go Festival' has been the most awaited event for the food aficionados of the tricity. "Their patronage is a great support for us," he added.
Mango varieties used for making dishes include Dasheri, Chaunsa, Amrapali, Totapuri, Langra, Lucknow shahad kuppi, Desi mango, Sindoori, Tambadi & Safeda mangos
According to Madan Singh, Executive Chef, Velvet Clarks Exotica, "Normally mango recipes include beverages like mango shake, aam panna etc, however not many people experiment with food starters and main course based on mangoes. We have done just that! Some of our signature dishes include Mango curry chicken in the main course and in starters Mango paneer tikka is a must try. There are other dishes which have been curated for those in love with mangoes."
Some more gastronomic delights that beckon food lovers include - Mango mint bruschetta, and Chicken tikka with mango dip in snacks among others. There is a unique soup offering - Spiced Mango Soup. In salads and raita there's Mango Caesar salad and Frozen dahi Bhalla with mangoes among others. In main-course Mango kofta, ambi dal amritsari ,Mango Chicken curry etc. Deserts like Mango Souffle and Fresh Mango with vanilla ice cream are enticing. One can wash it all down well with a Mango shake or Mango lassi.