New Delhi, 21st November 2022: The Mumbai-based candle manufacturing firm Tara Global - Tara Candles, which specializes in lighting, has mastered the art of home décor while remaining true to its principles of fusing functionality and luxury. The firm has introduced a gorgeous range of candles with a traditional charm to fit the seasonal appeal, citing the impending festivities.

Tara Candle has launched a special candle range “Flavour of India”. Candle range brings India’s famous fruits in the form of premium high-quality aroma candles with the purest performance ingredients to add fragrance to your home and enhance the atmosphere of your room with the comfortable glow of candlelight. Company has created a range of flavors from all across India and given them very exciting names like Kolkata ke paan, lemon aroma Malabar ke nimbu and Kesari kutch ka aam , Nagpuri santre and many more. The cost range of this collection is between INR 300 -400 per candle.

The collection was created especially for its lovely scent. This diverse selection will add color to celebration.

Commenting on the new collection, Mr Umesh, Founder & CEO, Tara Candles - The collection aims to replicate the glow that we all appreciate, which is something we all look forward to each year. The goal of Tara Candle is to elevate the idea of luxurious living and rejuvenation. This flavor of India collection is very close to our heart as it brings different flavors of India in the form of aroma and it aims to give personal touch to the customers.

Flavors of India are available on as Tara candle official website as well as on flipkart and Amazon.

Currently, Tara Candles' product line consists of 8,000 pillar candles, 9,800 floating candles, and 2,240 container candles.