Panchkula 19.05.22-. Former IAS officer Vivek Atre today released a book of English poems composed by Prisha Sharma, a 12 year old girl from Panchkula. Prisha's book was released in a simple program in the premises of JP Toddler School, Sector 10. Addressing on this occasion, Atre said,
"I am amazed and astounded by the special talent that young Prisha has for writing and the poetic word. All of 12 years of age, she is a surprising package of creativity and verve. Her parents are obviously extremely supportive of her creative art as all parents should be, but only rare ones are."

"The mettle of her poetry lies in the simplicity of her language and the directness of her message. Poems such as "The Things I love" and "My wonderful Life" are reflective of her perceptive and grateful mind, well beyond her years" Vivek Atre.

My best wishes to Prisha for her poetic tryst with destiny. May many young poets and writers take heart from her example and surge ahead in the literary world

The need for young people to read more and write more has never been more pressing. I am sure that Prisha and rare gems of her ilk will be