Chandigarh 30 Jan 2021: An NCC training camp is being organised for the cadets of NCC Air Wing at NCC Complex Sector 31. A total of 35 NCC cadets, including 21 Girl Cadets are attending the camp.

During the camp, cadets are being exposed to intensive training activities which included both outdoorand classroom lectures, said Camp Commandant Group Captain M R Pandeya, CO 1 Airwing NCC Chandigarh While thecadets are being exposed to Parade and weapon training during the outdoortraining, classroom lectures are also conductedon various topics like history of Indian Air Force, precautionary measures of flying training,the role of Air Traffic Control,Meteorologyand Navigation in Aviation.In addition, general topics such asFirstaid procedure, Fire fighting andtheselection process in the IAF are also being covered.

Inaugurating the camp, Col DK Sharma, Training Officer, NCC Group HQ, Chandigarh, an ex NCC cadet himself said that the NCC imparts discipline and fitness among the youth. He exhorted the cadets to excel in all fields, enjoy the training and develop camaraderie and friendship among themselves.