Chandigarh,26.09.20-A very simple but very effective asna is DANDASANA Danda means stick and asna means pose, hence the name Dandasna Let us know about this asna.
Sit with legs outstretched, feet close to each other but not touching . Toes pointing upwards
Place the palms of the hands on the floor to the sides, just behind the buttocks
Stretch the toes towards yourself and firmly press your thighs and heels onto the floor.
Engage the muscles of your legs to rest your legs onto the ground.
Gently press your palms against the floor to elongate your back
Stretch the spine upwards right from the pelvic to the top of the head
Lift your chest up and slightly draw your shoulders back to broaden your collarbone
Maintain the straight gaze and take slow breaths
Hold Dandasna for 20 seconds to a minute depending upon your capacity
Lot many people find it hard to keep the spine straight. For this keep your palms slightly behind the buttocks. Transfer a very little weight of your body on arms.
In case of stiff hamstrings, place a folded blanket below your buttocks
Be careful not to round your back. Initially, practice against a wall to keep your back straight As the muscles of your spine gets strengthened , discontinue the support of wall
Bend the elbows slightly in case you can’t place your palms firmly on the ground
Bend the knees slightly in case of knees pain
Avoid this pose in case you have wrist or spine injury
Strengthens muscles of spine and improves body posture
Stretches chest shoulders upper back and abdomen
Develops a strong core and calms mind
Beneficial for patients of asthma and Sciatica.

Dr M K Virmani
Naturopath & Yoga Therapist
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