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Webinar Organized by Bharat Niti NEWS FROM DISTRICT H.QS HIMACHAL PRADESH ( SOLAN, )कोविड-19 संक्रमण के विषय में लोगों को जागरूक बनाने तथा जिला के प्रत्येक आवास में पहुंचकर लोगों से इस विषय से जानकारी एकत्र करने के लिए कार्यान्वित किए गए एक्टिव केस फाइडिंग अभियान में 590 आंगनबाड़ी कार्यकर्ताओं एवं सहायिकाओं ने कार्य किया।NEWS FROM PU CHANDIGARHNEWS OF DR. BANWARI LAL HARYANA STATE COOPERATION MINISTERअनुपम खेर द्वारा गुरु गोविंद सिंह जी के साहसी शब्दों की तुलना भाजपा प्रवक्ता संबित पात्रा से करने पर सिख सांगतो में रोषAttacks Akali dal on keeping silence and showing double standardsयुवाओं को बेहतर रोजगार प्रदान करने की दिशा में मुख्यमंत्री स्वावलम्बन योजना एवं मुख्यमंत्री ग्राम कौशल योजना कारगर-डाॅ. सैजलMahindra's Farm Equipment Sector Sells 35,844 Units in India during June 2020Riding on its robust network, Reliance Jio strengthens its market leadership in Punjab with around 2.5 lakh subscriber additions in Feb - TRAINEWS RECEIVED FROM DELHI STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF C.M.SH.ARVIND KEJRIWAL-PART-1CM presides over meeting with senior officers of BRO regarding Atal TunnelNEWS RECEIVED FROM DELHI STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF C.M.SH.ARVIND KEJRIWALCampaign : Donate Data for Weaker SectionRAFLE Moment for the MSMEs of IndiaCrocs X Priyanka Chopra Jonas donate 10,000 footwear to the Healthcare Workers in India; Crocs X WFH Campaign; Crocs X Lockdown Activity " प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने देश के 80 करोड़ गरीब भाई-बहनों को नवंबर माह के अंत तक मुफ्त अनाज उपलब्ध करवाए जाने की घोषणा की है जिसके लिए वे प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी का आभार व्यक्त करते हैं | इस योजना से चंडीगढ़ के करीब 64 हजार गरीब परिवारों को पिछली बार की तरह इस बार भी नवंबर माह तक मुफ्त अनाज मिल पायेगा | प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी गरीबों के वाकई मसीहा हैं | NEWS FROM HARYANA STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF CM SH MANOHAR LALCM Ashok Gehlot to ensure doing business gets easier in Rajasthan Smt Parminder Chopra takes charge as Director (Finance), PFCDoctor's day: Doctors felicitated for selfless service against COVID 19CHANDIGARH POLICE BRIEF AND OTHER POLICE EVENTS DATED 02.07.2020DEVELOPMENTAL ACTIVITIES BEING PERFORMED IN PRADESH UNDER THE DYNAMIC LEADERSHIP OF C.M. JAI RAM THAKURFortis & Aryans conducted a webinar on Stress ManagementTRUTH TO BE KNOWN BY THE AUTHORITIES: PREM GARG CA-98724-20001The record queen of Pollywood Miss Pooja sets hattrick of international records, honoured by 'International Book of Records'
Hindus welcome proposal of Diwali holiday in Virginia's Fairfax County Schools
Hindus have welcomed inclusion of Diwali holiday (November four, 2021) in the Draft Calendars 2021-2022 of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) in Virginia.
News Regarding NRI #97080 - 20-Jun-2020 01:31 PM
England brewery apologizes over Lord Hanuman beer after Hindu protest
Sheffield (England) based Neepsend Brew Co. has apologized after Hindus protested over its “Hanuman” Beer; calling it “highly inappropriate”.
News Regarding NRI #96975 - 16-Jun-2020 03:58 PM
Hindus seek apology from Australia over mistreatment of "coolies" in 1800s
Hindus are urging formal apology from Australia for reportedly severe maltreatment of Indian and Chinese “coolies” during their indentured servitude in 1800s, many of whom were Hindus.
News Regarding NRI #96924 - 14-Jun-2020 03:02 PM
Upset Hindus urge England brewery to withdraw Lord Hanuman beer & apologize
Upset Hindus are urging Sheffield (England) based Neepsend Brew Co. to apologize and withdraw its “Hanuman” beer; calling it highly inappropriate.
News Regarding NRI #96885 - 12-Jun-2020 01:41 PM
Upset Hindus urge London luxury retailer MatchesFashion to withdraw Hindu gods swim-shorts & apologize
Upset Hindus are urging The Shard (London) headquartered “global luxury-shopping destination” MatchesFashion for immediate withdrawal of Jimi Hendrix Swim Shorts carrying images of Hindu deities; calling it highly inappropriate.
News Regarding NRI #96813 - 09-Jun-2020 03:06 PM
Hindus disappointed at Church of Greece declaring yoga "incompatible"
Hindus are disheartened over Church of Greece reportedly denouncing yoga, and branding it as incompatible.
News Regarding NRI #96755 - 06-Jun-2020 05:18 PM
Ohio's Centerville City Council to open with Hindu mantras on June 8
Hindu prayer will open the meeting of Centerville City Council in Ohio on June eight, containing verses from world’s oldest extant scripture.
News Regarding NRI #96716 - 05-Jun-2020 02:28 PM
Remote Hindu mantras to open 7 Utah City Councils & a County Commission
Remotely read Hindu prayers will open the meetings of seven city councils and one county commission in Utah during the next two weeks, containing verses from world’s oldest extant scripture.
News Regarding NRI #96140 - 13-May-2020 03:47 PM
Members of Property Consultants Association (Regd) Chandigarh consisting of S/Sh. Kamaljit Singh Panchhi, Kamal Gupta, Naresh Sharma & Jatinder Singh today donated 40 Nos Personal Protection Kits and 300 Surgical masks and to Nilambari Jagadale SSP
Sh. Kamaljit Singh Panchhi, Chairman of the Association said that this is the need of our Police force, which is to be used by police force in present time, that is why we have decided to provide these kits by donating medical support to Chandigarh Police personnel who are conducting their duties very honestly.
News Regarding NRI #95429 - 13-Apr-2020 06:56 PM
Zed commends Pope for exploring female deacons, saying equality long overdue
Applauding His Holiness Pope Francis for launching commission to study the issue of female deacons and calling it a historic move in the positive direction; distinguished religious statesman Rajan Zed has urged the Vatican to seriously look into ordaining women priests, which was long overdue.
News Regarding NRI #95333 - 09-Apr-2020 06:06 PM
Zimbabwe Hindus to observe Lord Hanuman's birth by chanting chalisa 7 times at homes simultaneously
Zimbabwe Hindus plan to observe birth of Hindu deity Lord Hanuman in their respective homes by lighting divo (oil lamp made from clay) in front of his image and chanting Hanuman Chalisa seven times simultaneously at 06:30 pm on April eight.
News Regarding NRI #95261 - 07-Apr-2020 04:51 PM
Upset Hindus urge Australia jewelry firm to withdraw Lord Ganesha belly rings & apologize
Upset Hindus are urging Tweed Heads (NSW, Australia) based jewelry retailer The Belly Ring Shop (Tummy Toys) for immediate withdrawal of belly button rings carrying images of Hindu deity Lord Ganesha; calling it highly inappropriate.
News Regarding NRI #95230 - 05-Apr-2020 11:20 PM
Upset Hindus urge Canadian apparel firm to withdraw Lord Ganesha pants & apologize
Upset Hindus are urging Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada) based brand “Set 4 Lyfe Apparel” for immediate withdrawal of pants carrying images of Hindu deity Lord Ganesha; calling it highly inappropriate.
News Regarding NRI #95123 - 01-Apr-2020 05:02 PM
Zimbabwe Hindus to donate for COVID-19 victims
In a remarkable gesture to help fellow Zimbabweans in view of COVID-19, Hindoo Society Harare (HSH) is collecting donations among the community in cash and kind for those who are affected by COVID-19.
News Regarding NRI #95105 - 31-Mar-2020 07:00 PM
Upset Hindus urge Papa John's to apologize & withdraw commercial trivializing Hinduism
Upset Hindus are urging Papa John's, pizza delivery company headquartered in Louisville (Kentucky), to immediately withdraw its Papadias TV Commercial ‘Yoga’ and apologize.
News Regarding NRI #95001 - 26-Mar-2020 05:59 PM
Historic Hindu temples shut down in Harare due to COVID-19 pandemic
Both the Hindu temples in Harare (Zimbabwe)—Ridgeview Shree Omkar Mandir and Cameron Street Shree Omkar Mandir—have been shut down “until further notice” due to coronavirus outbreak.
News Regarding NRI #94981 - 25-Mar-2020 06:20 PM
Hindus urge California yoga studios to offer free online classes during COVID-19 pandemic
In view of coronavirus outbreak, Hindus are urging yoga studios in various parts of California to offer free yoga classes in virtual format accessible to all Californians, many of them stuck indoors.
News Regarding NRI #94970 - 24-Mar-2020 08:49 PM
Rajan Zed urges Hindus worldwide to develop intimacy with God during COVID-19 pandemic
Besides using all necessary resources and actions to combat deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed is urging Hindus to draw closer to God through prayer.
News Regarding NRI #94906 - 21-Mar-2020 07:21 PM
Upset Hindus urge Amazon UK to withdraw Lord Ganesha playing card decks & apologize
Upset Hindus are urging Amazon UK for immediate withdrawal of two playing card decks carrying images of Hindu deity Lord Ganesha; calling it highly inappropriate.
News Regarding NRI #94857 - 19-Mar-2020 08:51 PM
Hindus urge the world to draw closer to God through prayer amidst coronavirus outbreak
Besides using all necessary resources and actions to combat deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Hindus are calling upon the world to develop intimacy with God by increasing the frequency of prayer in their homes.
News Regarding NRI #94832 - 18-Mar-2020 07:02 PM
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