CHANDIGARH,12.08.20-I hope you are enjoying yoga and feeling more energetic. Today my topic is Eka Pada Pranamasna which is also very simple but quite effective.
This is known as one legged prayer pose.
Stand upright with the feet together and the arms at the sides. Focus the gaze on a fixed point in front of the body.
Bend the right leg, grasp the ankle and place the sole of the foot on the inside of the left thigh. The heel should be close to the Peronism and the right knee should point out to the side.
When the body is balanced, place the hands in prayer position in front of the chest for the final position.
Release the hands and then the foot.
Relax completely in the starting position and change the side.
Breathing:- breathe normally throughout the practice.
Duration:- upto three rounds on each leg , holding the final position for 20 seconds to 2 minutes, as per capacity.
Awareness:- physical- on fixed point at eye level.
Spiritual:- on unahata chakra (heart chakra)
Benefits:- it develops nervous balance
It strengthens leg, foot and ankle muscles
It has another variation called VARIKSHASNA ( tree pose) in which the arms are raised above the head with palms together while inhaling. Exhale while lowering the handsback in front of the chest.
Dr M K Virmani
Naturopath & Yoga Therapist
Chairman Chandigarh Yoga Association