CHANDIGARH,07.08.20-Before starting Yogasanas we must pray to almighty for well-being which also gives positivities. Ending the session with Aum chanting also brings positivity for whole of the day and purifies environment as well. Also, Asnas should be preceded with warm up exercises to make our body flexible and ready to do Asnas and yogic kiryas. These include exercises for eyes, fingers, wrists, elbows,shoulders, neck, legs, feet, knees and waist etc. Simple Asnas which everyone can do with ease have been included in our yoga sessions. I will try to explain the technique benefits and caution about each one of these selected Asnas.
Now we have chalked our sequence for ourselves viz.
Warm up exercises
Exercises for different parts of body as mentioned above.
Standing postures
Sitting postures
Lying down postures
Kapal Bhati
Anulom Vilom
Other pranayama as per requirement
Bhrahmri pranayama
Aum chanting
Clapping and laughing .
Now let us know about one of the most important but simplest asna named Utkatasna.
In this asna the body takes the shape of chair
Stand straight with feet at a distance of 10-12 inches from each other
Stretch both arms in front, the palms facing down. Now harden the body
Inhale and hold the breath
Bend at knees as is done while sitting on a chair
Rise slowly and release breath
Repeat it
Once you have practice on feet, you can also do it on toes
Initially one should stay in chair position for 15 seconds and later the duration can be increased as per capacity.
Strengthens the body and make it proportioned
Removes swelling of legs, pain in the waist and schiatica
It strengthens the legs and removes constipation
Caution. Those suffering from knee pain to avoid this asna.
Try these exercises and this simple asna along with whatever other exercises Asnas and pranayama you are doing. Tomorrow, we will discuss about more exercises as well as another very useful Asnas called Tadasana .
Have a wonderful day
Dr M K Virmani
Naturopath & Yoga Therapist