CHANDIGARH,18.01.20-In April, the National Cricket Academy, run by former cricketer Mr. Rahul Dravid, is considering organizing a one-month camp at Sector 16 Cricket Stadium, Chandigarh. Under which, Mr. Sanjay Tandon, Chairman, Administrator Advisory Council, Sports Committee inspected the stadium on 18.01.2020 along with the manager of the stadium, Mr. Sanjay Sharma, UTCA officials and coaches.

According to the information given by the stadium manager and coaches, a lot of space needs to be repaired in the infrastructure of the stadium for organizing the national level camp, which requires block-wise demarcation and maintenance of the main gate of the stadium, repairing the outer fence of the stadium And need to paint, need to make proper dressing room, media room and commentator room, electronic Need to replace score board, replace sprinkler pipe, super sapper machines, mechanical roller weighing 1 ton and 1 manual roller, grass cutter machines, need to change pitch cover, repair pre-existing central peach and practice peaches And there is a need to create 15 new practice peaches. The AMC of the machines installed in the gym is required to be replaced anew and replace the defective parts of the machines. Both side screen rollers require repair, some rooms require AC repair. Bowling machines are required as there is currently only one machine.

There is a need to increase the staff strength for proper maintenance of the facility. Mr. Sanjay Tandon asked the manager to provide the exact ability to sitting arrangement with and without chairs in the stadium, to increase the chances of organizing future national and international matches in Chandigarh.

took a round of the stadium and found that there is requirement of replacing/repairing infrastructure which includes main gates of the stadium need to be demarcated block wise and maintenance is required, outer fencing of the stadium needs to be repaired and painted, inner fencing of the ground needs to be replaced at certain places, proper dressing rooms, media room and commentator room needs to be built, electronic score boards to be replaced with new ones, sprinkler pipes needs to be replaced, super sopper machines are required, 1 ton mechanical and 1 manual roller is required, grass cutter machines are required, pitch covers need to be replaced, nets of the practice pitches need replacement, AMC of the machines installed in gymnasium needs to be renewed and faulty parts of the machines to be replaced thereafter. Both sight screen path/rollers need to be repaired, AC's of some rooms need repairs. Further the center pitches and practice pitches need to be relaid. There is a requirement of 15 practice pitches with roller nets to be made around the ground. Bowling machines are required as at present there is only one machine. Strength of the staff needs to be increased for proper maintenance of the facility. Asked the manager to provide exact sitting capacity of the ground, with and without chairs.