Chandigarh,21.08.19-With an aim to preserve environment and make students more aware about its importance, ‘One Student One Tree’ initiated at GGDSD College, Chandigarh. The campaign as per the Education Department directive aims at motivating each student to plant a tree in his vicinity where he is residing so that he can care and nurture these trees. A ‘paudh mela’ was also organized on the campus to mark the occasion. Several faculty members and students were a part of the initiative that involved distribution of saplings and their plantation in open spaces.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Balraj Thapar, Principal of the college, emphasized the need to inculcate the desire for planting trees. Planting is the first step, the next and most important is to care about them. Tree plantation drives fail because no one looks after the saplings after these are planted. This special drive involved fixing the responsibility of nurturing the saplings afterwards. Several students planted the saplings in the name of their loved ones and each one pledged to take care of the plants as these grow into a tree. Situation is alarming after the recent Chennai water crisis and an eye opener towards conservation of water in every possible way. As per a recent report put forth by NITI Aayog, several states are likely to run out of groundwater in the coming years and India has just just five years to solve its water crisis. Making the students aware of the importance of planting trees will get conveyed to their families as well. Dr. Sajeev Soni, Dean Science applauded the college Environmental Society for reaching out to the students and taking the initiative of Environment Awareness to the youth.