NEW DELHI,22.10.18-A Mumbaikar, Sona is a BSc (Statistics) graduate from University of Mumbai. She also holds a PG Diploma in computer science along with Management in Business Administration, Marketing from Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research. Her experience pans across the Media and Entertainment industry for the first 12 years of her career, post which she has been with KidZania.

Prior to KidZania, she held the position of Senior Manager at Turner International. Sona was identified as one of Turner’s ‘Emerging Leader’s’ in September 2007. She was also one of the youngest employee at Cartoon Network to take on regional role in November 2006. During her tenure with Cartoon Network, she successfully grew revenues by 100%.

She has been a key driver in building and managing business for multiple companies within the Media space, delivering a steady YoY growth.

At KidZania, she is Director- Strategic Brand Partnerships responsible for revenue from companies who use KidZania as a platform for experiential marketing. Sona is a results-driven, passionate and energetic leader with a robust experience of over 18 years.

An excellent business leader who drives her business goals and team through her contagious energy and passion underlying with a key goal of making the organisation grow.

Strategies she has developed, has given the organization, a solid long-term future with both a company culture and a customer base that will continue to grow.

She is a part of the Indian leadership team and contributes to the APAC teams as and when required.

Her core strength lies in networking and forging building senior level relationships with CXO’s of companies.

Sona has a unique combination of sales, marketing, financial, and product strategy background to ensure that the business is actually performing on numbers, outstanding team leadership abilities, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a wealth of experience both locally and internationally to help a business succeed.

A travel buff, Sona loves to explore new spaces and meet people from various walks of life.