CHANDIGARH,25th September 2022 | Finally the wait is over!! Today at 1 PM, Zee Punjabi will showcase its blockbuster entertainment movie Saunkan Saunkne to entertain its fans with its world television premiere, which is considered to be the Punjabi smash hit of the year.

The long wait for the blockbuster movie ends this afternoon at 1 pm on your TV, so hold on tight. When you watch this family drama with your family, with a never ending laughter and crisp in the story. Although a family reunion serves as the true start of the movie, it will be intriguing to see what happens when a wife arranges for her husband to marry her younger sister instead. Being sisters to sharing a husband, the two of them end up in a constant fight which takes a genuine turn to a comical brawl.

Apart from all the laughter and gags, the struggle to bear a child is the spark to all fire broken in the film. But the real twist when seeing the cat fight between the two will be the most hilarious watch. So this afternoon, don't miss the World Television Premiere of Saunkan Saunkne at 1 PM on Zee Punjabi.