Chandigarh, September 25 - Haryana Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare Minister, Mr. Jai Parkash Dalal said that under the capable leadership of Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, in last six years, while following Antyodaya and Integral Humanism, core principles taught by Deendayal Upadhyaya, State Government is working in accordance with public sentiment by getting uniform developmental work done in all 90 Assembly Constituency without any discrimination.

Addressing a press conference at Haryana Niwas here today, Mr. Dalal said that Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal's view is that the every assembly constituency, public works should be done on a priority basis while rising above politics, despite the fact that the MLA from the ruling party or is of the opposition party.

In a democracy, a political figure is representative of the people and through their elected representatives, people always have a lot of hope from them to get the development work done in their area.

He said that incidentally, for the last three consecutive terms, Congress party MLA has served in the Baroda Assembly Constituency of Sonipat district, but intentionally no development work was done thereby previous government.

Mr. Dalal said that after the death of Baroda MLA, by-election in Baroda will be held and for the last one month, he himself has visited that assembly constituency and was informed that a lot of development works are still to be done in this Assembly Constituency. He said that the people of the area have shared that there is a problem of waterlogging and drinking water as well.

He said that Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal himself has taken strict note of this and he immediately gave approval for the starting of six new water works projects to be constructed in the villages of Chichana, Baroda, Nizampur, Rana Kheri, Mabtan, Sikandpur Majra, Ramgarh and Mahra.

Mr. Jai Prakash Dalal informed that apart from this, the Chief Minister has also approved an amount of Rs 271.37 crore for various development works to be carried out in Baroda assembly constituency.

He said that 1121 variety of paddy is grown in this area and due to the absence of government procurement of this variety, this said paddy variety will be procured through Hafed in future. Besides this, an ultra modern rice mill will also be set up by Hafed at a cost of Rs 12 crore in this area, so as to assure that farmers do not have to go elsewhere to sell this variety of paddy.

The Minister further informed media persons that Delhi-Amritsar Expressway which is under construction will pass through this assembly constituency, therefore as per Chief Minister's vision, the State Government has decided that along with this Expressway, a new industrial Model Township (IMT) will be developed. This will provide employment opportunities to local youth along with investment.

Mr. Dalal said that Baroda Vidhan Sabha is such an assembly constituency in the state, which has only 56 villages, without even having a single city.

He said that at some time, Janata College was opened in Butana village of this region with the help of panchayats and society. Now the Chief Minister has given the responsibility to MLA, Mr. Sombir Sangwan, who is the head of Sangwan-40 Khap as well as a Panchayat representative, to upgrade this Janata College as per the desires and opinion of people of the area.

He said that the people of the region had demanded that the Janata College Butana will be given the status of a university. The Chief Minister has also directed the officers to immediately explore the possibilities for the same.

Mr. Dalal also informed that from October 1, the purchase of paddy will start in the entire state and the number of mandis and procurement centres will be increased in the state. Procurement of paddy will be done on the similar lines of mustard and wheat. Payment will also be made directly to the farmer's account.

He said that the opposition parties are not wanting that farmers should get the procurement amount directly in their bank accounts therefore they are opposing the recently passed bills on agriculture bills in Parliament. He said that at the same time they are also trying to mislead the farmers as they do not want the farmers to get out of the money lender's clout, while this bill is completely in the interest of farmers.

The Minister further said that among the development works, the Chief Minister has approved, Rs 41 crore for the strengthening work of 45 roads of Public Works (Building and Roads) Department, Rs. 12 crore for for the construction of new roads of Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board having a cumulative length of 31 kilometres, Rs. 13 crore for the repair work of 27 roads having a cumulative length of 86 km and Rs 65 crore for development works of Development and Panchayat Department.

He informed that an amount of Rs 100.37 crore has been sanctioned for new waterworks of Public Health Department and Rs 41 crore has been sanctioned for construction and up-gradation work of various substations.

Chairman, Livestock Development Board and MLA, Mr. Sombir Sangwan, Media Advisor to Chief Minister, Mr. Amit Arya, BJP Leader Mr. Shamsher Kharkhara, Additional Director (Administration), Information Public Relations and Language Department, Mrs. Varsha Khangwal were also present.