Shimla,19.09.20-BJP State President and member of parliament Suresh Kashyap said that when Anurag Thakur minister of state for finance and Corporate Affairs was addressing the nation about the intricacies of the PMRF in a detailed manner and exposed the Gandhi Nehru family about their discrepancies during their regime once again the Congress party could not digest the attack on the Gandhi Nehru family.

It is shameful how how the member of parliament of Congress Adhir Ranjan Chowdhry use unparliamentary language against Anurag Thakur. This is just not an insult for the nation but it is also a big insert for Himachal as Anurag Thakur to the land of Himachal Pradesh.

Today once again the Congress has been exposed in front of the general public of the nation that today also there unable to come out of the dynasty politics of this family, Congress Party Never retaliation to any other statement given about their leaders but they always retaliate protecting the Gandhi Nehru family.

He said this shows the upbringing of the Congress leaders how they were nourished till now. This is sad example set by congress today using unparliamentary language against the cabinet birth they have forgotten how to give respect to chair.

He said Adhir Ranjan should apologize publicly and should also pledge that this kind of language will not be used by him weather in Parliament or on any other platform of address.