Late Sh. Balram Ji Dass Tandon belonged to the Politics of Ideology and not Politics of Power – J. P. Nadda

Online 2nd Balram Ji Dass Tandon Memorial Lecture organized by PU

CHANDIGARH,14.08.20-Late Sh Balram Ji Dass Tandon was a leader of the Ist Generation who belonged to the Politics of Ideology and not Politics of Power’ said Sh. J.P.Nadda, National President of Bhartiya Janta Party while virtually addressing the 2nd Balram Ji Dass Tandon Memorial Lecture organised today by Panjab University and Balram Ji Dass Tandon Charitable Foundation.

He further added that Balram Ji Dass Tandon was a great Statesman and a great human being who used to take along everyone with his ideology. He used to give pious advice to all and was respected across the parties with his aura of peace. With his dedication and commitment towards party, he spread his ideology amongst all whom he touched in his life and even from jail, he used to uplift the morale of not only his family members but also of the party workers. Sh. Nadda also shared about his personal relations with him. He further added that carrying the legacy of Balram Ji Dass Tandon, the country is moving ahead on the path of Governance under the able leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi.

He mentioned further that W.H.O. appreciated that PM Modi has addressed health issues as well as economic issues simultaneously during the Corona Pandemic. Sh. Nadda gave details of various schemes of Government of India which is helping in reaching out to the masses. Today, the world is looking towards India, he added.

Sh. Sanjay Tandon, President, Balram Ji Dass Tandon Charitable Foundation, in his address shared that how as a father Sh Tandon had inspired and motivated him for various things in his life. He was motivated by his father for blood donation on his 18th Birthday and till now, 23 blood donations have been organized by him. He always encouraged them to exercise regularly, and inculcated in them spiritual and religious values. The same values are being inculcated in the next generations too, he added.

Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Panjab University, Chandigarh extended his warm welcome on behalf of PU family to Sh. J.P. Nadda Ji and to Sh. Sanjay Tandon and his family. He shared that Balram Ji Dass Tandon was not only a political worker but also a social worker and a writer from whose life there is much to learn.

Earlier, a brief film on the life history of Sh. Balram Ji Dass Tandon was shown and floral tributes were given by Sh. Sanjay Tandon and Prof. Raj Kumar.

A few glimpses of the address given last year on the 1st memorial lecture by Sh. Venkaiah Naidu were also shown at the webinar.

About 50,000 people viewed the webinar on various social media platforms.



(Academic Session 2020-21)

CHANDIGARH,14.08.20-It is for the information of all the concerned that considering the COVID-19 situation, the Panjab University has scrapped the PUTHAT-2020 entrance test (an entrance test for admission to BHMCT and BTTM courses of UIHTM). For the timely start of the teaching session, the new admission schedule has been formulized, wherein admissions will be based on 10+2 examination result.

The candidates seeking admission to BHMCT and BTTM courses for the academic session 2020-21 (other than those who have already applied for the PUTHAT entrance Test 2020) have to register themselves at PUTHAT -2020 website ( by August 19, 2020 (Wednesday) by submitting their information, deposit the registration fee by August 21, 2020 (Friday), upload the photograph, signature and rest of the information by August 24, 2020 (Monday) as per the revised schedule.

All the registered candidates (including those who have applied earlier for the PUTHAT-2020 entrance test) will be allowed for filling the Admission Form. The Admission form will be available on PUTHAT website and (under the admission notice head). The candidates who have applied earlier and completed their form for the PUTHAT-2020 entrance test will automatically be considered as registered candidates and are eligible for filling of Admission Form.

Mandatory: All the registered candidates have to fill the Admission Form for consideration in the Admission process.

Keep on visiting the website and (under the admission notice head) for further updation.



Date of availability of Prospectus and Application Form on the website of Panjab University.

24/03/2020 (Tuesday)

Last date for submission of information on the website to generate the Bank Challan (other than those who have applied for PUTHAT-2020 entrance test)

19/8/2020 (Wednesday)

Last date for depositing the fee in any branch of State Bank of India (SBI) using website generated Challan (other than those who have applied for PUTHAT-2020 entrance test)

21/8/2020 (Friday)

Last date for uploading the photograph, specimen of signature with the remaining information on the website (other than those who have applied for PUTHAT-2020 entrance test)

24/8/2020 (Monday)

Date of availability of admission form at and (under the admission notice head)

26/8/2020 (Wednesday)

Last date for submission of admission form along with all related documents (12th DMC, caste certificate and character certificate from the last institution attended) on the e-mail id namely

(For claiming any reservation, please go through the guidelines and forms of the PUTHAT prospectus available at

5/09/2020 (Saturday)

Display of tentative merit list at and (under the admission notice head)

14/09/2020 (Monday)

Dates for inviting objections regarding tentative merit list on the basis of already filled up information by the candidate.

16/09/2020 to 18/09/2020

upto 4.00 pm

Display of provisional merit list on website and release of seat allocation list for 1st online counseling

19/09/2020 (Saturday)

Date of reporting in the UIHTM by the candidates on the basis of seat allocation list (Ist online counseling for all categories)

24/09/2020 (Thursday)

Date of reporting in the UIHTM by the candidates on the basis of seat allocation list (Ist online counseling for all reserve categories)

25/09/2020 (Friday)


Chandigarh August 14, 2020


Plantation drive was organised by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Swami Vivekananda Studies today in the vicinity of Guru Tegh Bahadur Bhawan. Seven Hibiscus, One Ficus, One Kaner, Two Bryophyllum pinnatum (Patharchatta) and Five Green Chiretta (Kalmegh) were planted. The faculty and staff of Interdisciplinary Centre for Swami Vivekananda Studies, Coordinator ISEER Prof. Swarnjit Kaur and her staff; Dr. Paru Bal Sidhu, Chairperson, Dept. of AIHC&A; the staff of PWD office; the staff of Dean International Students office and the staff of Guru Nanak Sikh Studies also joined for the event which was organised with the support of Sh. Anil Thakur and his Horticulture team for making this activity possible. The Centre for ICSVS has adopted these plants and shall be taking care of these plants in future.


Chandigarh August 14, 2020

UIET Student Develops ‘Nonline’- a Dining and Delivery Contactless Solution

A 4th year student of B.E. (Biotechnology) at Univerity Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET), Panjab University, Ms. Ranu Aggarwal, has developed an innovative and extremely useful Dining and Delivery Contactless Solution called Nonline. Nonline enables offline stores to build an online presence by improving efficiency and increasing sales using the latest technology. The product ensures a seamless commerce journey which includes: Catalog Discovery, Placing Orders and Making Payments. This can be applied to food courts, restaurants, and other general utility stores without involving any third party.

Director UIET, Prof. Savita Gupta has lauded the effort of the student and said that such a contactless solution is the need of the hour in the current COVID pandemic situation. It is a perfect example of technology being used to solve real world problems. She said they will provide full support to this innovative venture of UIET student in all possible ways.

Nonline application enables a digital experience of ordering keeping in mind hygiene, safety and enhancement of customer experience. Nonline will provide both in-store as well as delivery solutions. Nonline incorporates the following features: contactless order and payment, minimized wait, order updates on SMS and Whatsapp, improved overall store and staff efficiency, reduced dependency and commissions of aggregators, easy management of orders via merchant account. Nonline is available at


Chandigarh August 14, 2020

UIPS Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Career (IEC) Series webinar under

MHRD Institution’s Innovation Council

“Patents and Product Portfolio: Why to predict future when you can create it?”

University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS) organized an international webinar on “Patents and Product Portfolio: Why to predict future when you can create it?” under the IEC Series of MHRD Institution’s Innovation Council of the UIPS on 14th August, by one of their well-placed alumnus, Aman Trehan, Vice President & Head-Global Intellectual Property & Product Strategy, Odin Pharmaceuticals, United States.

Professor Indu Pal Kaur, Chairperson UIPS & President IIC of UIPS, welcomed the audience and introduced the Chief Guest and the Speaker.

Dr Anil Wali, Managing Director, Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT), Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, inaugurated the webinar. He strongly reiterated that though academia are knowldege factory creating values, but it is equally important to monetize the knowledge. He sensitized on the need to create startups.

Dr Trehan in his talk highlighted the importance of patents and portfolio strategy in creating future. Product pipeline and intellectual property being the backbone of any pharma company, role expansion of an IP pharma professional by thinking out of the box can add a great value to it. He further apprised of, that developing patent portfolios strategically can help a company unlock value from its intellectual property and, for this a combination of technical, legal, regulatory and patent knowledge is indispensable.

All the faculty members of UIPS joined the session. More than 250 participants from Panjab University and other National and International Institutes attended the webinar.

Dr Aman Trehan is a seasoned pharmaceutical professional with around 15 years of experience in Intellectual Property, product pipeline and strategy and has a strong background in patents, product portfolio management and business development opportunities. He has received many awards and recognition including Hatch Waxman impact case of the year award by Legal Media Group at New York, Gold Patent Awards for Wockhardt and Zydus. Recently, he received “Top 50 IP Leaders award 2020”.


Chandigarh August 14, 2020

अपनी जड़ों से जोड़ती है मातृभाषा - प्रो. बद्री नारायण

मातृभाषा से ही आता आत्मविश्वास

हिंदी विभाग का हिंदी माह उत्सव प्रारंभ

पंजाब विश्वविद्यालय के हिंदी विभाग द्वारा हिंदी माह उत्सव के तहत आज से विशेष व्याख्यान श्रृंखला का प्रारंभ किया गया। इस श्रृंखला की पहली कड़ी में प्रसिद्ध समाजविज्ञानी व कवि प्रो. बद्री नारायण मुख्य वक्ता के रूप में शामिल हुए। उन्होंने 'मातृभाषा और नई शिक्षा नीति' विषय पर अपने वक्तव्य में कहा कि नई शिक्षा नीति ने हमें एक उम्मीद दी है जिसमें हम एक ऐसा नागरिक बना पाए जो आधुनिक भी हो और अपनी जड़ों से भी जुड़ा हो यानि ग्लोबल और लोकल एक साथ हो। उन्होंने जोर देकर कहा कि हमारी भाषा हमें आत्मविश्वास देती है और हमें अपनी जड़ों से जोड़े रखती है। उन्होंने कहा कि दुर्भाग्य से आज की शिक्षा हमें बाजार और नौकरी तो देती है पर कहीं न कहीं आदमियत से काट देती है। भाषा केवल संवाद का माध्यम नहीं है बल्कि हर भाषा का एक ज्ञान कोश होता है। यदि नई शिक्षा नीति इस ज्ञान कोश से हो रहे कटाव को रोक पाए, तो वही उसकी कामयाबी होगी। उन्होंने कहा कि हमें पहले अपनी भाषा की ताकत को पहचानना होगा क्योंकि हमारी भाषा ही हमें आत्मविश्वास देती है। उसके बाद दूसरी भाषा हम कभी भी सीख सकते हैं। प्रो. बद्री नारायण ने अपना उदाहरण देते हुए कहा कि उनकी सारी शुरुआती शिक्षा हिंदी माध्यम से हुई लेकिन बाद में उन्होंने अंग्रेजी में भी किताबें लिखीं। उन्होंने कोरोना महामारी का जिक्र करते हुए कहा कि पूरी दुनिया आज संक्रमण के दौर से गुजर रही है और एक नई दुनिया बनने की उम्मीद की जा सकती है। ऐसे में सभी को थोड़ा ठहर कर सोचने की जरूरत है और अपनी जड़ों की ओर लौटने का रास्ता अपनी भाषा से ही मिल सकता है।

उल्लेखनीय है कि नई शिक्षा नीति की घोषणा हाल ही में केंद्र सरकार द्वारा की गई है और इसमें पांचवी कक्षा तक शिक्षा मातृभाषा में देने का प्रावधान किया गया है। विभागाध्यक्ष डॉ. गुरमीत सिंह ने बताया कि इसी के मद्देनजर आज का व्याख्यान रखा गया क्योंकि हमें हिंदी और सभी भारतीय भाषाओं को अपना मानना चाहिए। इसलिए मातृभाषा पर व्याख्यान से हिंदी माह उत्सव का आरंभ किया गया।

इस कड़ी में अगला व्याख्यान 21 अगस्त को 'विदेश में हिंदी' विषय पर होगा। इस कार्यक्रम में विशेष रूप से अमेरिका के पेंसिलवेनिया विश्वविद्यालय से हिंदी पाठ्यक्रम की प्रमुख शुचिस्मिता सेन, रूस के सेंट पीटर्सबर्ग स्टेट यूनिवर्सिटी में हिंदी शिक्षिका एकातेरीना कोस्तिना और श्रीलंका के राष्ट्रीय भाषा शिक्षण व प्रशिक्षण संस्थान से रिद्मा लंसकार शामिल होंगी।

आज के व्याख्यान के बाद प्रश्न - उत्तर का सत्र भी हुआ।

कार्यक्रम में देश के विभिन्न हिस्सों से 50 से अधिक प्रतिभागियों ने हिस्सा लिया। कार्यक्रम में प्रो. सत्यपाल सहगल, एस. वी. विश्वविद्यालय, तिरूपति से प्रो. राम प्रकाश, डॉ. भवनीत भट्टी, प्रो. मोहनमीत खोसला और प्रसिद्ध व्यंग्यकार डॉ. हरीश नवल भी शामिल रहे।

इस हिंदी माह उत्सव में 6 विशेष व्याख्यानों के अलावा कविता लेखन प्रतियोगिता करवाई जाएगी और कविता वाचन श्रृंखला की भी योजना बनाई गई है जो जल्द ही फेसबुक के माध्यम से प्रसारित की जाएगी।