Chandigarh, 1st August 2020: The students of the special cell department of Bhavan Vidyalaya have taken to virtual learning with ease and have been pleasantly engaged as their teachers interact with them live via online video conferencing.

Mrs. Geeta Bajaj, faculty of the Special Cell shared the various methods the Special Cell Dept was adopting to carry out e-teaching successfully with these students. ‘These students have been divided into senior and junior groups. While Junior kids are taught on a one-to-one basis, the senior students are grouped together into small sized batches. Interactive sessions everyday ensures continuity and meaningful student engagement,’ she said.

The school ensures at least 2 interactive learning sessions in a week for these students enabling them continue their education online. The students are excited with the face to face interaction and wait eagerly for these sessions. Recently, the students, guided ably by the facilitators took to making rakhis for the upcoming Raksha Bandhan festival.