Chandigarh July 11, 2020

"Nature Triumph Corona" online exhibition commences at PU

An online Exhibition titled Nature Triumph Corona by Roshan Ansal , A Sculptor with a Midas touch , which is conceived and curated by

Professor Dr. Tirthankar Bhattacharya ,Art Historian and Indologist ,Chairperson department of Art History and Visual Arts and Director Museum of Fine Arts, Panjab University Chandigarh commenced on 10th July,2020.

Roshan Ansal has an immense amount of creative energy to transform anything tangible into pieces of art . Selection of medium has never been an issue with Roshan . He has an immense sense of visualization which he very meticulously passes into his art . Terracotta to some might seem to be a rather simple technique. To my mind it is not only the most ancient but also the most challenging among the sculptural techniques. For Roshan lockdown was just an opportunity to let loose his creativity, which he has done exceptionally well. He uses limited available materials and tools to mould and manipulate the available materials.

Dr Tirthinkar shared that being a silent worker is an asset . The creative energies assimilate to give a structure to one's imagination. Roshan's imagination has the wings of freedom..his being in constant company of children as an art instructor has helped him not lose his creativity and observation with a child-like simplicity.

Attaching the link to the online Exhibition.


Chandigarh July 11, 2020

First On-line Meeting of NTU-PU STPC Identifies Research Areas for Joint Initiatives

First on-line meeting was held at University Institute of Engineering and Technology(UIET), Panjab University (PU) with Nottingham Trent University (NTU) with respect to taking forward the activities of the Science & Technology Partnership Centre(STPC) that was inaugurated at UIET on Feb 4th, 2020.

The meeting with the objective of planning joint future research initiatives through the NTU-PU STPC had presence of 11 faculty from NTU, led by Prof Clare Newstead, NTU Global-College International Manager and Prof Neil Mansfield, Head Engineering, College of S & T, and 10 faculty from Panjab University, guided by Professor Savita Gupta, Director UIET and Professor Rakesh Tuli, Senior Research Advisor, UIET and had 3 hours of extensive discussion on priority areas. The Meeting was conducted in an elevator pitch style where each participant pitches his/her best ideas succinctly to meet the objectives of a meeting. This is like giving a quick persuasive briefing to colleagues, while spending one minute together in an elevator.

The faculty in engineering and biology from the two universities (program attached) gave technical details of their dream areas for joint work. Some of the most promising areas that were identified for synergy in research included implantable medical devices, smart sensing prosthesis, wearable external devices, body part regeneration and engineering, systems biology and functional foods. Given the current limitations of physical co-activity, the Consultative Group will converge the twin-university teams around these subjects and conduct area specific on-line meetings through the next three months. The objective would be to build multi-disciplinary teams that would address complex problems in bio-engineering, initially through on line methods like collaborative meetings, data analytics, simulation and modelling through sharing of expertise and computational resources. Once the exchange of personnel becomes feasible, joint laboratory training and research will be taken up.

Participants from both the universities were extremely pleased that online tools were being very effective in bringing the sister institutes together in developing new ways of carrying out science and teaching globally.

In February 2020, an NTU sponsored STPC was established at UIET in PU. The center is to promote academic excellence through sponsored joint research and student and faculty exchange visits. For three years, NTU has set aside seed funds to sponsor such programs. The first bursary scholarships for student visits had just been announced in February, when the universities closed due to breakdown of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Chandigarh July 11, 2020

Safe lab Work with SARS-CoV-2 Lab Operations Discussed at Indo-US Webinar at PU

The Department of Biotechnology, Panjab University and Sandia National Laboratory, USA collaborated to organize INDO-US webinar on the issues covering how to strategize the responses to lab emergency situations while working with SARS-CoV-2, risk communication to tackle infodemics, and ways to transport virus samples safely across research labs and national and international borders. The Series is being organised under the MoU between PU and Sandia National Lab.

Around 100 participants from the northern Indian region participated. This was the second webinar in the series on Bio-Risk Management of SARS-CoV-2 Lab Operations. The series has been based on courselets designed by Sandia National Laboratory, specially to address safe lab work with SARS-CoV-2. The courselets also included proper use of PPE, decontamination, waste disposal, good lab work practices. "This series will help faculty, research scholars, health workers in universities and research institutions design safer ways of working with pathogens so that they and the community are not exposed to the biological risks," said the organizers Prof. Neena Capalash and Prof. Prince Sharma.


Chandigarh July 11, 2020

A Special Child Plants Trees at PU

The plantation drive inaugurated by Prof Raj Kumar, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Panjab University is gaining momentum in the university. The general public of Panjab University is showing great interest in the ongoing plantation drive of the Horticulture Division of Panjab University,informed Er. Anil Thakur Divisional Engineer (H).

Today a special child, Jasmine of Bhawan Vidyalaya School Special Cell, along with her brother Mehul, planted the trees in the residential area of the campus . All those present appreciated this great gesture and saluted the spirit of the children who came forward to take an initiative in this regard . Today 50 number of plants like Chandni, Hamelia, Lagerstomia, Chakersia etc. were planted in the campus.