Date : - 29th June 2020

The Adviser to Administrator,

Chandigarh Administration


Sub: - Maintaining the Social Distance and guidelines for Proper Mouth Masks in public places like markets, Banks, Eating joints etc in UT.


We appreciate the decisions of the Chandigarh administration to deal strictly with the people violating the safety norms of Social Distancing & wearing face masks in public places. In the prevailing conditions there is no room of soft postures but stringent measures.

Sir, a reference is invited to various news reports through which Industrialists of Chandigarh have demanded opening of Borders for Outsiders. Similarly, Hospitality industry has demanding serving of liquor and opening of Restaurants and Bars up to 11 PM daily. We agree that the entire business community is under pressure and faced financial losses during the Curfew and lock down since Mid-March. Their loss of business is a matter of concern to the entire society because employment of a large number of employees is also affected. As per reports even Governments have suffered huge losses because of lower revenue collections. So, the business community and traders are no exceptions and must realise their duty toward the nation instead of raising undesirable and unjustified values of human life to override all other aspects.

Sir, everyone is aware that the stringent measures had been warranted because of the outbreak of pandemic and to safeguard the lives of citizens. It is expected that every citizen must take it sportingly without raising an accusing finger. Even the poorest of the poor have borne the brunt of Lockdown and subsequent restrictions and they have even faced denial of wages from their employer’s despite repeated appeals of the Prime Minister.

Earlier on the persistent demand of the traders the markets were allowed up to 8 PM on a daily basis without any weekly off. The Opening of all banks, offices, parks and Sukhna Lake have also contributed towards careless attitude of people and wherever we go, in case of dire necessities, find that the Social Distancing and mandatory proper wearing of mouth masks norms are not being followed. Of course, Law enforcing police can make some effect on this carelessness of people but ultimately it is for people including the entire business community to understand the importance of Social Distancing. It is the duty of the citizens to realise their social responsibility and meticulously follow the guidelines in their own interest and the interest of society at large.

Under the circumstances it is a challenge to satisfy all stakeholders and business communities as their expectations are ever increasing without realising and honouring their duty towards the nation in these telling times. There is no scope of pleasant decisions for the benefit of anyone but to save human life.

Administration's prime concern and first priority is to contain the increasing number of Corona cases. There should be no compromise on this however the pressure from any quarter be. The business community has to realise the value of human life which gets Providence over anything else.

In view of the foregoing, we demand that in all public places mandatory Guidelines for Social Distancing and Mouth Masks be enforced meticulously while relaxation in doing Business, time of parks and Sukhna Lake, Banks and offices but all these relaxations be reviewed if it is found, commonly, that mandatory precautions are not being followed at all public places with consultation of all stakeholders . In cases of Corona Cases increase the reasons may be analysed for further action. Of Course, many people particularly traders may not agree but to fight increasing cases of Corona we have to act strictly, in the larger interest of the society in Maintaining Social distance, wearing Face Masks and follow all orders issued for our own protection needs to be followed without any laxity.

Thanking you,

For Second Innings Association

R K Garg


M 9872692400