NEW DELHI,23.06.20-The Classic Clogs collection by Crocs is incredibly light and comfortable to wear. Water-friendly, buoyant; it weighs only ounces. The ventilation ports add breathability and help shed water and debris, thus makes it easy to clean and quick to dry. It's pivoting heel straps provides more secure fit which is customizable with Jibbitz™️. The Iconic Crocs Comfort™️ of the footwear is lightweight flexible and provides 360-degree comfort. With shades like neo mint, cantaloupe, canary yellow and electric pink – Crocs is all set to make you feel comfortable in colour as well!
Along with these shades, you can personalise your classic clogs with your favourite Jibbitz charms. The most accessible, affordable, and intuitive way to personalize your favorite pair of Crocs!

Neo Mint: 2020 witnessed Neo Mint emerge as the predominant color of the season! This gender-neutral shade will bring a subtle glamour to your attire and overall look. Softer shade of turquoise and green, neo mint has a fresh and cool futuristic feel.
Keeping this trend in mind Crocs has introduced its Neo Mint Classic Clogs to help you add the much-needed oomph to your fashion game!
Canary Yellow: A ray of sunshine, this color brings happiness and a smile to your face. Paired with the right Jibbitz the footwear will bring out the uniqueness in you! Give your wardrobe a makeover this summer with the right pair of Crocs.
Cantaloupe: A versatile cross between pastel shades and earthy tones, this color closer to the hue of a melon, adds the much-needed fresh fashion vibe to your outfit.
Electric Pink: Youthful, vibrant and powerful electric pink brings out the fashionista in you! Let this color rule your footwear game this summer. Pair it with the right shade of attire hues and step out in style with your electric pink Crocs!
Apart from these summer hues, your favorite classic clogs are available in timeless colors of blue, white, black, grey and many more!
Get yourself a pair from and be set to beat the heat with Crocs!