Chandigarh June 3, 2020

Department of History organized a Web Lecture of Shri Uday Mahurkar, a senior journalist, author and interpreter of history on 02 June, 2020 at 6:00 PM (IST)

The Department of History, Panjab University, Chandigarh organized a Web Lecture of Shri Uday Mahurkar on 02 June, 2020 at 6:00 PM (IST). About 80 participants participated in the Web Lecture which continued for more than 02 hours.

Shri Mahurkar, the distinguished speaker delivered his lecture on, “Revisiting Veer Savarkar in 21st Century” in a comprehensive, candid and concise manner. His intellectual abilities, oratory skills and analytical presentation captured the mind and soul of the enthusiastic participants.

Honourable Vice-Chancellor, Professor Raj Kumar applauded the effort of the Department for organizing the Web Lecture on Veer Savarkar. To him, Veer Savarkar was a diehard nationalist who played a seminal role as a freedom fighter of India. The present generation must be apprised of the struggle waged and great sacrifices made by our nationalist leaders such as Veer Savarkar to imbibe the sacrificial spirit. All Indians must keep the memory of Veer Savarkar alive within themselves to face challenges of life by comprehending them well. Professor Raj Kumar regretted that Veer Savarkar has not been given due space in the scholarly works which he deserves. There is a need therefore to write in detail about the life and role of this great freedom fighter.

Honourable Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sikander Kumar, who could not join sent his best wishes to the Department of History, PU as well as the speaker for delving on the personality of a freedom fighter in Veer Savarkar.

Dean University Instructions, Professor R. K. Singla, in his kind remarks addressed Veer Savarkar as the ‘unsung hero’ who deserves all glory. The life and works of the freedom fighters like Veer Savarkar fills the hearts of the people of our country with pride and drives them to move ahead surpassing all ordeals and difficulties.

Dean International Students, Professor Nandita Singh remarked that the organization of the lecture on Veer Savarkar was a welcome step for knowing different aspects of his personality and making a fair estimate of the part played by him in the freedom struggle of India.

Dr. Anju Suri, Professor and Chairperson of the Department in her remarks addressed Veer Savarkar as a visionary of India’s security who predicted most of national security problems being faced in contemporary times.

The distinguished speaker, Shri Uday Mahurkar in his lucid lecture appreciated Veer Savarkar for his “unalloyed nationalism”. In his ideology of Hindutva, all religions were accommodated but there was certainly no place for religious appeasement in the name of equality. Savarkar’s Hindutva was a Hindu protective view to guard Hindu religion and community from the radical elements of proselytizing religions. Savarkar’s Hidutva could never allow creation of a nation within nation. The author highly appreciated Veer Savarkar for his sense of predicting the national security issues. The concern of Hindu-Muslim unity was exploited fully by Muslims to ask for special rights for their community. Veer Savarkar in 21st century comes before us as an iconic personality which encourages us to boldly face the challenges of life and be fearless and vocal for taking the position which is morally right and the one which remains unchallenged. Veer Savarkar, for whom the nation had always been the top most priority, is reviled by a few on account of his role as a revolutionary though actually, he should be judged through the prism of his ideology and beliefs. The pan-Islamists, the pan-Christians and the Communists attack Savarkar for their own interest to pursue their religious and ideological goals. Savarkar’s unalloyed patriotism, however, sought to unite the entire nation by giving equal treatment and rights to all and appeasement of none.

The highly informative and incisive lecture was followed by Question-Answer Session conducted by Dr. Priyatosh Sharma, the Associate Professor of the Department of History who partnered Professor Anju Suri, in the team of organisers of the lecture. The lecture was joined by experts from academic, scientists, researchers, students and faculty members from various diverse Departments and Universities across India. The lecture ended with the formal vote of thanks to the participants by the organizers.

===============================================Chandigarh June 3, 2020

RootWorkz Learning platform developed by DIC Interns

Design Innovation Centre, Panjab University, Interns have developed a RootWorkz Learning platform that can play a vital role in shaping the way students in India will learn and delivery of education in the virtual classroom and beyond.

The online teaching process is full of hassle for both teachers and students. Thus there is a need for teaching/monitoring mechanism and online assessment to ensure learning is not affected by the pandemic. Currently, only few elite institutions are able to afford and conduct online training sessions, while most of the other teaching institutions are facing challenges to provide online teaching aid. This is largely due to non-availability of robust and economical online teaching portals.

To ensure that there is no roadblock in driving quality online education to students, Utkarsh Khandelwal and Shubham Narula founders of RootWorkz Learning, under the guidance of Prof. Naveen Aggarwal, DIC, PU Chandigarh. have developed an online learning management system to help teachers and students continue learning in these times of difficulty.

RootWorkz Learning is a one stop solution to solve all online education hassles, it provides easy to use, economical and robust online learning portal which can cater teaching requirements of all segment of users i.e. teachers, students and parents.

It enables teachers to conduct online assessments, tests & quizzes, share study material, take live online classes and grade assignments. Students can access the system on any device such as PC, Laptops, Tablets, i PAD, Mobile etc. which makes it accessible at any point of time. It also helps parents to track the performance of their wards by sending them timely automated notifications, helping maintain continuity while ensuring the effectiveness of a learning engagement.

RootWorkz is also working with Coral Telecom Ltd to integrate technologies such as Integrated Voice Response(IVR) and Online Remote Proctoring Systems to ensure a more robust online education platform


Chandigarh June 3, 2020

It is for the information of the general public and students of Panjab University Teaching Departments/Colleges in particular that result of the following examinations have been declared:-

  1. Certificate Course in Governance and Leadership Dec.2019
  2. Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronics) 5th Sem. Dec.19

The students are advised to see their result in their respective Departments/Colleges/University website.


Chandigarh June 3, 2020

“Evolving Role of the Police during COVID-19” By Centre for Police Administration, PU

The Centre for Police Administration ,Panjab University organized a Webinar titled “Evolving Role of the Police during COVID-19” on 03rdJune, 2020.

Dr.Kuldeep Singh, Chairperson introduced both the Theme and speaker of the webinar. In his introductory address he started with the role of Police in today’s Scenario. The resource person, Dr. Vibha Sharma, Head of Department of Public/Police Administration talked about the transformations witnessed in the role of police during the ongoing pandemic crisis of COVID-19. She stated that, in recent times, police has become more community and social oriented. It has assumed an array of new roles ranging from regulatory role to humanitarian role. This, consequently, has built a real time positive image of police among citizens during this crisis. She highlighted that several new challenges shall be faced by police in this “New Normal” situation moving from lockdown to unlock phase during COVID-19 and in its aftermath. There shall be need to revamp the police organization and policing techniques and methods to tackle the new challenges arising out this pandemic.

However, she pointed that for sustenance of such role transformation, the government should provide adequate resources (both physical as well as financial) to police organizations. In addition, community cooperation and community participation has been imperative to reinforce this evolving role of police. The citizens, local government and voluntary organizations should bring about both change in their attitude and perception towards police. They should inculcate a sense of affiliation and humanity towards the police personnel and their functions. She, therefore, concluded that this ‘Evolution’ in the role of police needs to be taken up in the ‘Revolution’ mode for long lasting impact.

Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Chairperson, also stated that there is need of advanced training of medical and technological aspects for police to tackle with these kind of situation in future. The session was followed by an active interaction between the resource person and the participants. A large number of participants such as Mr. Hemant Kumar (DIG) BSF, Mr. Pawan Basatia (DCP), Delhi Police, Dr. Rajesh Chander, Dr. Namita Gupta, Dr. Sanjeev Ranjan, other Faculty members, research scholars and students from various institutions attended the Webinar.


Chandigarh June 3, 2020

PU VC visited various departments and Hostels

To take stock of the preparation and progress in different departments and hostels, the Panjab University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Raj Kumar visited various departments and hostels. During his visit, he met the Chairpersons and the staff and interacted with them by maintaining the social distancing norms. He also took stock of the issues faced by them and assured them of all the help will be extended by the University authorities for the smooth running of the system. During his interaction with the residents of various hostels, he assured them University is concerned about that safe stay in the hostels.

PU VC also visited University Institute of Legal Studies, Central Instrumentation Laboratory , University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Boys Hostel no 4, Girls Hostel no. 7, Basic Medical Sciences Block, along with other officials which included Prof. S.K. Tomar, Dean Student Welfare(DSW), Prof. Sukhbir Kaur, DSW(W), Prof. Sanjay Kaushik, Dean College Development Council, Prof. Ashwani Kaul and Prof. Rajiv Puri.


Chandigarh June 3, 2020

A joint webinar on “The role of state legal services authority during the time of Covid-19’ was organized by the Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology and Centre for Social Work ,Panjab University as part of their series related to the present Pandemic.

Dr. Paru Bal Sidhu, Chairperson, department of AIHC&A welcomed the speakers and participants. The two webinar speakers were, Shri Mahavir Singh, Member Secretary, State Legal Services Authority(S.L.S.A.), Chandigarh and Shri Nikhil Saraf, lagal counsel, partner infinity legal law firm and founder of NGO Ohm Foundation. The speakers expounded on legal aid and services scenario during the time of the current pandemic.

The speaker reflected on the major legal concerns in this period pertaining to cases of domestic violence, police killing, provisions for the marginalised sections of society amongst others. They also talked about the lessons learnt from an emergency situation like Covid whereby there was a need for courts to be fully functional in such situations so that the legal justice process can continue unhampered.

The talks were followed by a very meaningful interactive session conducted by Dr. Monica Munjal, Chairperson, Centre for Social Work, Dr. Paru Bal Sidhu proposed the formal vote of thanks.