Chandigarh : 17 June, 2019: “Luck smiled on two hapless patients suffering from terminal renal diseases and hanging in the hope of finding a kidney donor and two other corneal blind patients endlessly waiting for restoration of their sight when a benevolent family from village Salapur, Chamkaur Sahib, district Ropar displayed an exemplary gesture of magnanimity and consented to donate the organs of their dear 45 year old Jasvir Kaur. The donor family’s compassion gave fresh lease of life to both the renal failure patients with the transplantation of kidneys and brought smiles to the other two corneal blind patients with the ‘gift of sight’,” stated Prof. Vipin Koushal, Nodal Officer, ROTTO PGIMER while detailing about the latest case of cadaver organ donation here at PGIMER.

Paying a rich tribute to the departed soul, Prof. Koushal said, “Our deep condolences and heartfelt gratitude to the donor’s family for their noble endeavour and we pray to the Almighty for the departed soul to rest in peace. Today, their large hearted-ness has impacted four lives tangibly and their families intangibly.”

Further sharing his experience, Prof. Koushal added, “The donor family not only consented for organ donation but also conducted themselves with so much grace and composure amid their own irreparable loss, acting as an extended team with PGIMER team involved in the process of transplantation to ensure the smooth conduct of the entire process. These gracious gestures of donor families are the bedrock of the cadaver organ donation programme that motivate us to work more compassionately and passionately to further the cause.”

Somnath, the brave heart husband of donor Jasvir Kaur, who consented for organ donation, while expressing his sentiments, said “Compassion and care for others was the very essence of my wife’s being. So with complete surrender to the Almighty, ‘Tera bhana mitha lage’, we just did what even my wife would have wanted us to do. It felt as if it is a duty assigned from Him to save other families from the pain and trauma that we are confronted with."

One of the family’s close relatives Gurmeet Singh, an employee with PGIMER, who was present through the process, shared, “Being a devout family, they strongly believe in ‘sewa’ and keep organising community kitchens (langar) at PGIMER for the poor patients. There cannot be bigger ‘sewa’ than saving the life of someone. So when the family of donor Jasvir Kaur understood the concept of Organ Donation, there was no hesitation, no re-thinking and they just went ahead with their decision.”

On the fateful day, Jasvir Kaur was going on a scooter with her son for a routine courtesy call to some relatives when another two wheeler hit their scooter from the side and due to sudden push, Jasvir Kaur losing her balance, fell from the pillion and sustained fatal head injuries.

After the initial treatment in a local civil hospital, the patient was rushed to PGIMER on the same day. However, nothing could change the destiny, neither the best of medical attention nor the ardent prayers of the family and friends as Jasvir Kaur could not be retrieved from her precarious condition and was finally declared brain dead on 12th June following the protocols of THOA.

It was then the Transplant Coordinator here at PGIMER flagged the option of Organ Donation to the family. But even in this darkest hour, husband Som Nath, amid his own grief, showed exceptional courage and magnanimity by consenting to donate the organs of his deceased wife Jasvir Kaur.

Following the consent, the deceased’s kidneys were harvested and transplanted to two best matched renal failure patients giving them a second chance to live. The retrieved corneas were transplanted to another two patients, restoring their eye sight and bringing light to their lives.

It was a sight of mixed emotion at PGIMER. In this celebration of life, the true heroes were the aggrieved but brave-heart family of donor whose courageous decision to donate the kidneys and corneas of their dear Jasvir Kaur brought loads of happiness to four patients and their families.