Chandigarh, May 17: Chandigarh Literary Society (CLS) organised a book reading session at UT Guest House here today.
For authors of the city, namely Bubbu Tir, Mandeep Rai, Pia Bakshi, and VK Kapoor, read excerpts from their writings.
Bubbu Tir read a nostalgic story in Punjabi, while VK Kapoor read couple of his middles.
Present on the occasion were Vivek Atray, Hardeep Chandpuri, CJ Singh, amongst others.
Former IRS bureaucrat author and historical fiction writer Mandeep Rai read out from his book "In the Shadows of the Pines" that traces India of British Raj from 1845-1857.
Young literature academician and metal fiction writer whose first book, "Read Read" it's all about exploring life in its varied hues, with the protagonist, a writer in conversation with her character.
Priha Atray conducted the session while one of CLS founder member CJ Singh informed about the 7th edition of its annual literary festival Literati scheduled at the Lake Club in November.