Advisory for the safe use of firecrackers, School of Public Health, PGIMER, Chandigarh
Chandigarh,06.11.18-Diwali is the festival of lights and is celebrated in India with great pomp and fervour. Traditionally, Diwali was celebrated by lighting earthen lamps signifying the triumph of good over evil. The present scenario of Diwali is totally different as it marks bursting of crackers and fireworks, which add toxins to the already polluted atmosphere. Most people take festivals nowadays as “the louder the noise; greater the thrill” by doing so they often forget that the temporary joy and happiness leads to intense hazardous air as well as noise pollution.
Further, there is an upward trend of patients with firecracker-related injuries around Diwali in hospitals. Hence, it is high time to think and act on reducing the detrimental indulgence of fireworks on our environment and health.
All accidents/mishaps due to fireworks occur as a result of carelessness, negligence and ignorance. But these can be avoided by observing above listed helpful ways to reduce any potential hazard of fireworks.
Buy Fireworks from the licensed shop.
Buy firecrackers from street vendors.
Handle firecrackers carefully. Read and follow the safety precautions issued with the fireworks

Carry or throw firecrackers for fun.
Keep fireworks in a closed box and away from the source of fire

Have flammable materials like wood, electrical cables, fuel, lighted lamps etc. around where you store or light fireworks.
When bursting crackers, prefer open spaces like playgrounds and stand back while lighting the crackers. Also, make sure that the crackers are at arm’s length
Keep a couple of buckets of water handy for putting out fires.
Burst crackers in crowded areas.
use a long candle/'phooljhari' for igniting firecrackers and keep elbow joint straight to increase the distance between the body and the crackers.
Don't ignite fireworks while holding them.
Have an adult accompany children while bursting crackers.
Let your children burst crackers on their own.
Wear well-fitting cotton clothes.
Wear long, loose synthetic clothes while lighting crackers. The loose ends can catch fire.
Wear shoes or slippers while bursting crackers.
Light crackers bare foot.
Put the spent sparklers/ used fireworks in a bucket of water as soon as you’ve used them.
Don’t dare to examine un-burst crackers! Light a new one instead
Leave spent sparklers on the ground.
In case of burns, splash tap water and repeat the process till the burning sensation reduces and seek medical help.
Ignore a burn injury.
Wash the eye with plenty of water then rush the victim to the hospital. Always use spectacles for the safety of eyes.
Ignore an eye burn
Playing safe with firecrackers-
1.Know your fireworks. Read the label before you ignite it. Buy Green or perchlorate free fireworks
2.Use air-launch technology, which utilizes compressed air to launch the fireworks instead of gunpowder, in combination with fireworks with low-gunpowder formulations.
3.Opt for Low-smoke pyrotechnics as they are being tagged as environmentally friendly or "green fireworks"
4.Pay very close attention to where your fireworks are aimed. Avoid homes, garages, dry brush or grass, and anything that might hurt someone or their property
5.Use firecrackers between 8 P.M. and 10 P.M. only (only 1 Hour)
6.Avoid packaging, gift wraps around firecrackers.
7. Lets Plan Air & Noise Pollution Free Diwali
PGIMER faculty bag prestigious awards and resident doctors bring home laurels
The 48th conference of Indian Academy of Cytologists (IAC) was held at Goa. Faculty and residents from the department of Cytology and Gynaecological Pathology, PGIMER, Chandigarh brought laurels.

Prof Arvind Rajwanshi delivered Dr S K Gupta Memorial Oration and was awarded Gold medal. Prof S Radhika has been elected as honorary Secretary of IAC. Prof Pranab Dey was awarded Earnest Fernandes award.

Prof Nalini Gupta conducted a full day Continuing medical education programme on “EUS- FNA and EBUS -TBNA”. She was ably supported by Dr Surinder Rana, Dr Ritesh Agarwal, and Dr Inderpaul Singh Sehgal from PGI, Chandigarh.

Dr Parikshaa Gupta won the prestigious Col D B Nayar Memorial Award for an original research on lung cancer. Dr Ariba Zaidi received best poster award in the poster session and Dr Dibyanshu Sekhar Mohapatra got second prize in free oral paper session.

The 49th Cytocon will be held at PGIMER, Chandigarh from 7th to 10th November 2019.