Chandigarh August 10, 2018

Day 2 of the Multidisciplinary course and career counselling program in the
Department of Art History and Visual Arts Department had a visual presentation and
Interactive session with Prof. Tirthankar Bhattacharya, Chairman and Director, Museum
of Fine Arts, Panjab University, Chandigarh on the topic of "Art of Understanding
History" with special reference to the coursework of Masters in History of art.
He highlighted the various papers being taught in the department and it's
Dr. Tirthankar further counselled the group on the career opportunities after
passing a masters in the subject. He also highlighted the fact that being an alumni of
the Panjab University Chandigarh and the department of fine arts he wanted to motivate
the participants to take up the noble profession of teaching and research. .

Chandigarh August 10, 2018

Caption: Sh. Manpreet Badal, Hon’ble Finance Minister, Punjab on his courtesy visit to
Panjab University, Chandigarh with Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor.


Chandigarh August 10, 2018
BIG Conclave organized byBioNEST- Panjab University, Chandigarh for students and
Biotechnology Ignition Grant Conclave was held at BioNEST- Panjab University,
Chandigarh on 10 August, 2018 in collaboration with Foundation for Innovation and
Technology Transfer (FITT), IIT, New Delhi. Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor; Dr. Anil
Wali, MD, FITT, New Delhi; Prof. Ramajit Johal, Director, RPC, PU; Dr. Rohit Sharma,
Project Leader, BioNEST, PU were present. The sole purpose was to open various
existing government and private opportunities. With the sole intent to support young
scientists/ideas/entrepreneurs, Panjab University(PU) has been promoting translation
research and bio-entrepreneurship for over a decade. PU Vice Chancellor, Prof. Raj
Kumar’s dream to establish the university not only as an academic system but as an
“incubator” of technologies, seems to be coming true. Biotechnology Industry Research
Assistance Council (BIRAC) sanctioned Bioincubators Nurturing Entrepreneurship for
Scaling Technologies (BioNEST) that would primarily host the entrepreneurs in the
North of India and assist the struggling innovators to help them make their ideas
visible to the society. BioNEST is located at the New Hospital Building, Sector-25,
South Campus, Panjab University and represents pre-incubation system where a young
mind is hand held to give their ideas their practical shape. The BioNEST shall provide
innovative technology building and capacity building platform. Demonstrating the role
entrepreneurship in an academic system and provide a new direction to research is what
is an integral component of Panjab University’s motto. The focus area of BioNEST, PU
is Biopharmaceuticals, Bioprocess technology, Food technology and Agriculture.
Incubation charges and modules are uploaded on the website of BioNEST, PU. BioNEST
shall have high end upstream laboratory, complaint analytical facility, Bioelectronics
laboratory, conference rooms, office space and wet lab space for companies and newer

Chandigarh August 10, 2018

Panjab University Teaching Departments/Colleges has declared the result of the
following examinations:-
1. Bachelor of Laws, 1st Sem., May 2018
2. M.Sc.(IT), 2nd Sem., May 2018
3. B.Sc.(Hons.) Bio-Informatics, 4th Sem., May 2018
4. M.Sc.(Chemistry), 4th Sem., May 2018
5. M.Sc.(Zoology), 4th Sem., May 2018
6. M.A. (Punjabi), 4th Sem., May 2018
7. M.C.A. 4th Sem., May 2018
8. M.A. Economics, 2nd Sem., May 2018
The students are advised to see their results in their
respective Departments/Colleges/University website.


Chandigarh August 10, 2018
PU initiatives for students

Keeping in tune with the growing demands of large numbers of students on
Panjab University campus, the renewal process for readmission of research scholars has
been made easier as now they do not have to go to DSW office for renewal. One page
form has been developed which needs to be signed by the Supervisor and the Chairperson
and then the student can directly go to the respective hostel for admission.
The Girls Hostel timings have been revised and implemented already as per the
ongoing demand of Girls hostellers. Steps have been taken to have feedback from the
parents at the time of admission in order to allow the authorities to know the
expectations of the parents who are also the stake-holders. Moreover, it is also
required for NAAC evaluation & other regulatory bodies who grade the University at
different point of time.
PU has make concerted efforts to provide new additional washing machine to all
the Girls Hostel and also, provided the same in Boys Hostel No. 4 on trial basis for
first time in th3e current academic session. On the basis of the feedback, the
facility will be enhanced accordingly. Also, new water cooler have been provided to
various departments including hostels. Also, vending machines for sanitary napkins
have been installed at Hostel no. 10 and International Girls Hostel and incinerator
has been installed for proper hygienic disposal.
Regarding subscription of Sci-finder and other E-resources, the required
budget has already been formulated by the Library and the same has been forwarded to
FDO for approval is under process. Subscription to the Research Journal is done on the
basis of the recommendations of the Academic Committee of the respective Department.
The teaching work to the research scholar is always given as per the UGC
The Research scholars are not forced to pay the rent in advance. It is
only after the receipt of the fellowship that they make the payment.