Despite confronted with heart- wrenching tragedy, Arun Kumar’s family consents for Organ Donation

Kindles hope for 3 terminally ill at PGIMER

CHANDIGARH : 24 June :The life of Arun Kumar, all of 19 years, came to an abrupt end as he was declared brain dead at PGIMER following a fatal head injury. But thanks to the selfless and magnanimous gesture of Organ Donation by his family that Arun Kumar’s passing away has kindled hope for three terminally ill patients, making it 18th cadaver organ donation of 2018 here at PGIMER.

“Eldest of my three children, Arun Kumar was not only my son; he was, in fact,  the family’s life force. So caring and compassionate he was that even at this young age, he was working very hard in the factory to contribute to the family income. May be Almighty also needed this ‘noble soul’. Nobody can understand our remorse; we are completely devastated,”said Ghanshyam, shell-shocked but brave-heart father of donor Arun Kumar, while the mortal remains of his young son were being handed over to him  at the mortuary of PGIMER today.

The heart wrenching and tragic death of Arun Kumar from Naraingarh, district Ambala is beyond comprehension and extremely difficult to reconcile with. It was on 17th June, when Arun Kumar was on his way to work in the factory on his bike when he was knocked down by a speeding vehicle from behind, leaving him with grievous head injuries.

 Arun Kumar was immediately rushed to the civil hospital, Naraingarh for initial treatment, from where he was referred to PGIMER and was admitted here in an extremely critical condition on the evening of 17th June itself. But Arun Kumar’s week long battle with life came to an end as he succumbed to his injuries and was declared brain dead yesterday evening following the protocols of THOA.  

 Showcasing exemplary courage and altruistic spirit, the family of Arun Kumar  did not let this tragic death go in vain and consented for organ donation when the transplant coordinators raised the matter with them. 

 Post the family’s consent, the liver, kidneys and pancreas were retrieved from the deceased Arun Kumar, which through transplantation at PGIMER enabled second lease of life to three patients fighting the debilitating organ failure ailments and battling for their survival.   

 Expressing his indebtedness to the donor family, Dr Vipin Koushal, Nodal Officer, ROTTO PGIMER stated, “It is an extremely hard decision for anyone to make when you are put in that situation, but donor families like that of Arun Kumar  definitely instill a sense of confidence not only for the in-waiting recipients fighting a losing battle, but also for the Cadaver Organ Donation Programme. It’s a ‘gift of life’ for the recipients and huge accomplishment for the entire team of PGIMER involved in the process.”



Department of Dermatology, PGIMER organized World Vitiligo Day

The Department of Dermatology, PGIMER organized World Vitiligo Day on 24th June 2018, at LT-1, Nehru Hospital at 10.00 am.  Vitiligo (leucoderma) affects 1 to 4% world population and this is not very well researched disease. This disease has huge psycho-social stigma attached to it and there are many misconceptions about this disease.  In India and perhaps elsewhere also men, women and children with vitiligo face severe psychological and social problems. It is more severe in the case of young women and children. There are various myths about this disease like unnecessary dietary restriction and social stigma attached to it.

Theme : Vitiligo : Educating the Mind and the Heart

 As theme of the meeting suggests, we wanted to reduce the stress associated with this disease.

One info-advertisement on vitiligo was released depicting that vitiligo patients should not feel stigmatized.

In an interactive session with patients, Prof Davinder Parsad presented in detail the information about vitiligo and how to cope up with vitiligo. Focus was on vitiligo awareness and to demystify the myths surrounding vitiligo so as to reduce stigma associated with this disease.

A short play on vitiligo was staged which depicted that vitiligo is not a contagious disease and it can be treated successfully.

 The future of vitiligo research and treatment is very promising as we are expecting some breakthrough in the treatment of vitiligo. The Department of Dermatology, PGIMER, Chandigarh is recognized world over one of the best center for research and medical as well as surgical management of vitiligo. The department runs special clinic for vitiligo on every Friday which is offering innovative medical and surgical treatment of vitiligo and we are receiving patients from all over India and abroad. We are getting about 90 -100 vitiligo patients per week