New Delhi, February 24 : The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management

Committee (DSGMC) has taken strong notice of the displaying turban
through models  in fashion show by the GUCCI brand company and sought immediate apology from it for hurting the sentiments of the sikh
        In a strong worded statement issued here today the DSGMC General Secretary Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa said  it was shocking that GUCCI's brand managers chose to use turban in the manner in which they deemed fit for promotion of their brand. He said that turbans were tied to the heads of models who are not even distantly related with Sikhism.
He said that turban is not an ordinary piece of cloth but  a part of
sikh way of life as taught by Sikh Guru Sahiban but this company had
least cared to take on board sikh leaders before going ahead with such
a show.  He said that just to get some publicity they offended the
sikh sentiments.
        Mr. Sirsa further said that turban is not a part of fashion accessory
which has been used by the GUCCI according to its sweet will. He said
that Sikhs are stylish but we will not accept any compromises in
respect of Turban. He said that it would have been better if the
company had taken on board sikh men  for promoting turban but it has
chosen to tie it on the heads of those who are even unaware of its
value for the sikh community. He said that this act of the company is
a controversial step and he urged various sikh leaders across the
globe to oppose such an act through media, by serving legal notices
and raising their voice in their elected houses.
        The DSGMC General Secretary demanded  that company should immediately tender an apology for its act of blasphemy  otherwise the DSGMC will act against the GUCCI stores located in India. He also said that it will also be forced hold road protests and take every step needed to realize the company of its fault.