Shimla28.06.22-, BJP Co Media incharge Karan Nanda Said that Congress is just doing politics on the paper leak issue.

He said congress party is simply trying to hamper the investigation which is being conducted by the state government.

The chargesheet in the paper leak will be filed within a week.
It is important for congress to understand that there is a set procedure for the CBI enquiry and the state has already sent a request for the same.
CBI enquiry will be initiated by the agency once they see the grievinence of the case.

He said that it is the proactive Jairam Government which has performed well in investigating the entire case, within no time the government took action on the paper leak issue and constituted a SIT for the same.
The investigations are been closely watched by senior leaders and officials.

He said the police department should be given a applaud as they have arrested 171 accused and some of them have been arrested for other states too.

It is an old habbit of congress party to play politics on public issues.
He said , " i think the current government has taken appropriate actions in the case, what did the Congress party do during the 2006 HPCPMT scam is well known".

The congress party should stop misguiding the general public just to increase their popularity and should accept the good leadership of BJP government in the state and the centre.