Chandigarh-22May 2022: The Induction Ceremony of the Senior Cabinet was held at Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh today with customary fervour. The ceremony took place in a special assembly, where Senior Principal Mrs. Vineeta Arora and Vice Principal Mrs. Suparna Bansal conferred the newly appointed Cabinet Members with their badges. Himash Baweja and Miloni Tiwari of Class XII took over as Captains, while Prabhat Rajagopalan and Pranjul Chandel of Class XII were appointed Vice-Captains. The appointed Cabinets members pledged to carry out their duties with sincerity and efficiency.

The Cabinet, an integral part of the school, comprises of a well- knit team of students from class XII chosen by the Principal and the teachers. They are assigned a qwide spectrum of duties and responsibilities, including maintaining discipline in the school, taking the lead in organising various events and setting an example for the other students to emulate.

The newly inducted Cabinet was infused with new found zeal and promised to work diligently during the academic year.