Chandigarh,11.02.14:The second day of the PUNJAB REGIONAL CUISINE WORKSHOP displayed some delectable delicacies. The workshop is being organized and hosted by DR. AMBEDKAR INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT, SECTOR 42 D. The NATIONAL COUNCIL OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT, CATERING and TECHNOLOGY supported this event and the MINISTRY OF TOURISM, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA sponsored it.

This workshop is purposed to standardize the authentic recipes that are being taught in the leading institutes of Hotel Management. The participants were the Chefs from various IHMs around India. Chef Harjinder Singh also known as Chef “Sweety Singh”, who has been cooking up Punjabi food since the age of 19 years, continued the demonstration for the second day as well. He runs a popular Dhabba “Punjabi Khanna” also known as “Kake Di Hatti” in New Delhi.

The dishes for the second day made everyone’s mouth water. The Chef prepared MURG MAKHANI, DAL MAKHANI, ALOO GOBHI, SHALGAM, CHANA DAL, ALOO BHUKHARA, TAWA KALEGI, PINDI CHANNA, NAAN AND KANJI.

This appetizing event will be continuing for the next 3 days followed by various Chefs coming in to demonstrate their skills, creativity and not to forget their dishes. Such events help boost up the Chefs and help them to come together and exchange their recipes to end up with standardized ones.

“Food is a solid reason to get people together. It is a platform which can brings about a change nationwide. Hoping to look forward for such events and workshops in the future as well.” quoted Chef Rajat Gupta from IHM Pusa, New Delhi.

“It is well said by G.B Shaw that ‘There is no love sincerer than the love for food.’ I am very pleased with the number of Chefs coming in to use this as a platform to present us with the delicacies. The workshop helps to standardize all the recipes of the Punjabi Cuisine and the authentic ingredients. I hope that this workshop will be a great success and will have its mark in the professional world.” said Mrs. Bharti Tyagi, Principal of the Institute.