Chandigarh,13.01.14:Bonfires, drumbeats and revellers singing and dancing to folk songs - that was the sight in Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Sector 42 D, as people gathered around crackling fires on Monday evening to celebrate the harvest festival of Lohri. The college celebrated Lohri Festival in the gracious presence of Staff and Invited Guests  which was a befitting occasion for the spontaneous outburst of high spirits in a wide range of talent and creativity.

 Spectacular invitation card prepared in the form of DHOL, a traditional instrument used during Lohri. The whole faculty of the college made their presence felt in this auspicious festival. Thecollege gave a platform to the students also to celebrate Lohriwith full enthusiasm and joy, showcasing the best of their talent and creativity in the event, where some of the students left the event followers heart throbbed, all that roared in the veranda was just “WOW”!!

Wonderful dance performance which included Bhangra and Giddha was also performed with full zest and zeal. Moreover mouth-watering snacks were also served to the people who were present in the festival with Tea.

Traditionally associated with the harvest of the Rabi crop, people celebrated Lohri with feasting, exchange of gifts, and songs and dance around bonfires.

"We prepared prasad on the occasion comprising til (sesame), jaggery and peanuts. Once the bonfire was lit, milk and water were poured around it to thank Agni Devta and seek blessings," said DeepanshuChaturvedi, (Team Co-ordinator)

"A part of the prasad, after being offered to the fire, was distributed," he said.

For Mrs Bharti Tyagi, The Principal of the Institute, Lohri is a time to bond with friends and family.

"Everyone is busy these days, but Lohri brings us together in the warmth of the bonfire in chilly winter enjoying with family and friends. At this time, the company of students, co-faculty and family is priceless," she said.

Besides Lohri, a host of other harvest festivals are also celebrated across the country: Uttarayan in Gujarat, Magh Bihu in Assam and Pongal and Makar Sankranti in South India.

Behind the curtains,”The Guidance, Mentorship and support of the management and the tedious work done by the organisers cannot be left unrecognised, quoted AmanChauhan(Team member).