Chandigarh: 07th September: Setting a role model for others to emulate, local philanthropist octogenarian couple Mr. Bhag Singh and Mrs. Jagdish Kaur from Sector 46-A donated INR 5 lakh for the medical treatment of poor and destitute patients here at PGIMER today.

Mr. Bhag Singh came along with his wife Mr. Jagdish Kaur to PGIMER and handed over the cheque to the hospital management team towards the Poor Patient Welfare Fund under Poor Patient Assistance Cell of PGIMER.

Lauding their benevolent act of Mr. Bhag Singh & Mrs. Jagdish Kaur, Prof. A.K.Gupta, Dean (Research), cum Medical Superintendent, PGIMER. stated, “There is nothing more humane and magnanimous than making an effort to alleviate the pain and misery from others’ lives. The donation does not mean only financial help for the needy, it also means hand-holding, giving them hope in their pain, and sustaining their faith. These deeds of goodness are extremely inspiring and reiterate our faith in humanity.”

Resident of house No.190, Sector 46-A, Chandigarh, Mr. Bhag Singh thanked PGIMER for giving them the opportunity to help others as he said, “I had been thinking about helping the poor patients for a while but could not figure out how to go about it. However, a news item in a local newspaper regarding PGIMER’s initiative to help the poor patients showed me the way to fulfill my long cherished desire.”

A devout Sikh, Mr. Bhag Singh, further expressed his sentiments, “I am of the firm belief that Almighty has assigned us some duty to make our lives worthwhile. There will never be scarcity if all of us share His abundant gifts with others. So today on the occasion of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Prakash Diwas, we are highly encouraged to share the supreme blessing of Almighty God and decided to help the poor patients for their free medical treatment at PGIMER, Chandigarh. I hope this will inspire others to donate &aid the destitute.”