CHANDIGARH,22.01.21-After completing 30th-successful episodes of the weekly webaithaks , every Friday , 8:00 pm on Pracheen Kala Kendra's Facebook and Twitter Page and also on its official YouTube Channel, today Kendra organized its 31st webaithak studded with soulful vocal recital by Jamshedpur based Vocalist Pt. Bhutnath De.

Pt. Bhutnath De , noted classical singer, from Jamshedpur, got his initial training from Pandit T.L. Rana, Pt. Jagdish Prasad and he also received classical music intricacies from Guru Sachindas Matilal. He follows famous Kirana Gharana of Classical music.

Pt. Bhutnath commenced his recital with Raga Jayjyanti in traditional starting aalap which was followed by a composition in Vilambit ek taal with bols “ Lara mai sajni “ . Then he moved on to present “Radhika raas khelan chali aaj “ composition in drut teen taal. Then he doled out with self composed composition in drut teen taal with bols “kuhu kuhu koyeliya bole re” set to raga Rageshri. This item was followed by crisp thumri set to Khamaj “jab se gaye nahi aaye and dadra with bols “Kahan giri more mathe ki bindiya” .He concluded his recital with Bhajans with bols “ Prem hamari sadhna hai” and “ tu Ram sumir naam tero kaam aayega” . He was ably accompanied by Noted tabla player Sh. Debashish Banerjee on Tabla and Manmohan Singh on harmonium.