Chandigarh, January 13: Haryana Co-operation Minister, Dr. Banwari Lal said that the sale of high quality jaggery and jaggery powder (shakkar) prepared by Kaithal and Palwal Co-operative Sugar Mills has started from today.

It is noteworthy that it was decided by the department to produce high quality jaggery and jaggery powder (shakkar) in three cooperative sugar mills Meham, Kaithal and Palwal as a pilot project while the Meham Co-operative sugar mill had already started the production and sale of jaggery and jaggery powder (shakkar). Spiced (Masala) jaggery is also being prepared by these sugar mills by mixing cardamom, fennel, black pepper and turmeric etc. which will be beneficial for health. The three co-operative sugar mills would produce about 100 to 150 quintals of jaggery and jaggery powder (shakkar) per day.

He said that after the success of this pilot project, jaggery and jaggery powder (shakkar) would also be produced in other cooperative sugar mills of the state. Primarily this type of jaggery will be packed in one kg pouch while three types of jaggery, plain, turmeric and spiced will be available. Similarly, small packing of refined sugar is also being prepared by Rohtak Cooperative Sugar Mill.

He informed that in order to bring transparency in the process of selling sugar in sugar mills and to get better prices, sale of sugar has been started from January 2021 through online portal.

Co-operation Minister said that in view of the demand of farmers, sugar mills started operation in the first week of November in this crushing season. Further, during this crushing season, the sugar mills are regularly making payments due to the availability of funds and till now payment of about Rs. 150 crore has been made. Apart from this, the process of giving Rs 66 crore sugarcane subsidy and Rs 196 crore loan by the Haryana Government is going on.

Earlier in a review meeting of Sugarfed officers, he said that ten cooperative sugar mills of Haryana operated by Sugarfed crushed a total of 140.85 lakh quintal sugarcane by January 10, 2021 in the current crushing season 2020-21 with an average sugar recovery of 9.13 percent producing 12.36 lakh quintals of sugar. Similarly, the Asandh Sugar Mill has produced 1.11 lakh quintals of sugar, with an average sugar recovery of 8.82 percent, crushing a total of 13.65 lakh quintal of sugarcane as on January 10, 2021 in the current crushing season 2020-21. Apart from this, several issues were also discussed in this meeting, including capacity enhancement of sugar mills.

He also informed that the introduction of Atal Mazdoor Canteen has also been started in all government sugar mills where affordable and nutritious food is being provided.

On this occasion, Additional Chief Secretary, Cooperation Department, Mr. Sanjeev Kaushal and Managing Director, Haryana Cooperative Federation of Sugar Mills Ltd., Mr. Shakti Singh were also present.