KHARAR,27.1.20-Covid-19 has affected everyone in these current times. There is a fear among everyone regarding their safety when going out of their home for work, shopping or even going for treatment. Fear of Corona has also affected patients visiting dental clinics, this as a result avoiding urgent care for their teeth and bearing pain for prolonged period. There is a feel of insecurity while visiting a dentist.

Even though dental practitioners are taking full precautions for their patients but still corona virus is overpowering the mankind as if now.

Roots and Crown microDENTISTry is extremely happy to announce that we are the first SHYCOCAN/Forbes CORONA GUARD equipped dental clinic of tricity making Roots and Crown the safest dental clinic of tricity!

FORBES CORONAGUARD powered by SHYCOCAN is a revolutionary virulence prevention and containment device that attenuates 99.9% of coronavirus in the air surfaces, within closed indoor spaces. It provides real time protection against infection from coronavirus and has been notified by US FDA under Enforcement Discretion Policy.

It is a plug and play device, that delivers the necessary signals to a photon mediated electrons emitters (PMEE), that produces hypercharge high velocity electrons that interacts with the negative seeking S-protein of the Corona family of viruses, thus reducing infectivity and prevents air and surface borne transmission of corona family of viruses.

Having ShycocanCoronagaurd in the clinic makes a huge difference. Chances of spread of Corona Virus from Roots and Crown is negligible. Apart from ShycocanCoronagaurd, we are using numerous other measures for the safety of the patients such Air Purification system, High Volume Suctions, Class-B Autoclave, Corona Oven UV-Disinfection Chamber, PPEs, more use of disposable consumables, electric motors, rubber dam etc to name a few.

Sanitization of frequently touched areas after every patient and fogging at the end of the day keeps our asepsis level apart.

We are definitely taking care of our patients and believe we are the best dental clinic in taking care in these Covid-19 times.