CHANDIGARH,25.11.20-Now after practising Normalbreathing, abdominal breathing thoracic breathing, clavicular breathing and yogic breathing ( explained earlier and available on my fb page for those who missed the same) we have presoared ourselves for advance pranayama. Anulom Vilom is one of the simplest but most beneficial of the category of Pranayamas . This is immunity booster and keeps the disease away from us.
It is also called Nadi Shodan as it clears the Nadis ( inner tubes) thereby improving blood circulation.
Sit in Padamasana/sukhasana or any other comfortable asna. Even sitting on chair is ok in case not able to sit in any of the asnas
Keep the back and neck straight ( for all Pranayamas, this is the basic requirement to keep back and neck straight)
Join the index finger with the middle finger of the right hand and small finger with ring finger. The thumb remains separate.(VISHNU MUDRA)
Put the thumb on right nostril
Breath out from the left nostril
Now breath in from left nostrils as right is closed with thumb.
Close the left nostril with ring finger.
Hold breathe,if possible, and then slowly exhale through right nostril and hold the breath out for a few seconds
Now keeping ring finger on left nostril, inhale through right nodtril and again put thumb on right nostril, hold the breath inside for a few seconds before releasing it through left nostril. Hold the breath outside for a few seconds.
This complete one cycle. Repeat the process 5 times.
Correct timing
Initially, one can practice with 1-1-1 ratio which means the time of inhalation, holding and exhalation be the same. After that one can increase the retention and exhalation time and practice in the ratio of 1-2-2. Later the ratio can be 1-3-2 and finally the desired ratio of 1-4-2 can be practiced. For example, if it takes 5 seconds for breathing in , it should be stopped for 20 seconds and should be exhaled in 10 seconds.
Initially Anulom Vilom be done for 5 rounds and then with practice it should be increased up to 20 rounds.
NOTE - Those who manage perfection can do advance practice by clubbing it with BANDHAS. The procedure for which will be explained after discussing bandhas in detail.
CAUTIONS. Those suffering from cold, cough , flu and fever should not practice ANULOM VILOM. The nostrils should be clean when practising this Pranayama.
It purifies all the nadis or tubes of body.
It purifies blood
Improves eye sight
Strengthens lungs
Improves concentration of mind
Enhances immunity

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