Chandigarh, 24.03.24- : Chandigarh Down Syndrome Society in collaboration with State/ District Legal Service Authorities and the Mount Carmel School, Sector 47, Chandigarh celebrated World Down Syndrome Day with an array of artistic expressions, heartfelt performances, and inclusive activities.

. This day holds immense significance as we come together to honour the uniqueness and diversity of individuals with Down Syndrome.

Different schools & organizations working tirelessly for the cause like Discover Ability, Samarth Foundation, GRIID, Bhavan Vidyalaya participated in the function. All together there were more than 60 children with Down Syndrome from these organizations participated in the event.

The event began with the enthralling Ganesh Vandana wherein everyone took the blessings of Lord Ganesha. The event featured a captivating painting competition, showcasing the talent and creativity of participants. Through their artwork, they express their perspectives, emotions, and aspirations. The participating students enchant the audience with soulful songs, spreading joy and harmony. Through their melodious tunes, they celebrated diversity and inclusivity, reminding us of the beauty in differences. The stage came alive with vibrant dance performances, radiating energy and positivity. Our dancers dazzled with their moves. Participants were also engaged in spirited games, showcasing teamwork that also promoted the unity and mutual respect, reinforcing the message of acceptance and inclusion.

We were honoured to have Ms. Navjeet Klair, the CJM-Cum Secretary, DLSA Chandigarh as our esteemed chief guest for this special occasion. Her presence and unmatched support underscore the importance of promoting inclusivity and celebrating diversity in our society.

The efforts put in by the staff of Mount Carmel School, individually and collectively under the able leadership of their Principal in organizing this commemoration was truly exemplary. Their dedication and commitment have ensured a seamless and memorable experience for everyone involved.