DHARAMSHALA,04.09.20-The Forest Department under the auspices of the State Govt. is implementing several plantation schemes for the conservation and expansion of the valuable forest wealth heritage in the state. All the forest schemes and intensive plantation campaigns being run by the Forest Department have resulted in steady increase in the density of forests.

Deputy Commissioner Rakesh Kumar Prajapati says that the nature has blessed Himachal with immense beauty. Every year thousands of tourists come to the state to witness its natural beauty. Keeping in view the commitment of the State Govt., the District Administration is striving hard to conserve and promote forest wealth. He believes that the necessary steps being taken to prevent smuggling of forest wealth and better protection, invite active participation of the people.

Chief Conservator, Forest Circle, Dharamshala Pradeep Thakur says that during the current financial year, a target has been set to plant 12,28,000 different species on 2,587 hectares of forest area under various plantation schemes in the Forest Circle, Dharamshala. Plantation campaign is in full swing in Palampur, Dharamshala and Nurpur Forest Divisions included in the Forest Circle, Dharamshala. 30 percent medicinal plants are being planted under this campaign. By 31st July this year, 5.51 lakh saplings had been planted on 1030 hectares of forest area. It is expected that the set target will be achieved before the end of the monsoon season.

The main forest schemes run by the State Govt. for the welfare of the people under the plantation program included ‘Ek Boota Beti ke Naam, Vidyaarthi Van Mitra Yojana and Saamudayik Van Samwardhan Yojana.

A kit is being provided to the parents of 1,872 daughters born from September, 2019 to June 30, 2020 under Forest Division Palampur, Dharamshala and Nurpur under the scheme, Ek Boota Beti Ke Naam. The kit, priced at Rs. 1,775, includes five plants of different species, five tree guards, 20kg of earthworm manure, a name plate and mini directory. A budget of Rs 33.63 lakh has been allocated for the purpose, including the carriage of the kit.

Under the Vidyarthi Van Mitra Yojana, three schools will be selected in Forest Division Dharamshala, Palampur and Nurpur and 7,600 saplings will be planted on eight hectare forest area. An amount of Rs, 2,97,600 has been allocated for this purpose.

Under the Community Forest Augmentation Scheme, 3,400 saplings will be planted on 17 hectares of identified land after selection of Joint Forest Management Committee (JFMC) at Nehar and Sapadu in Dharamshala and Palampur Forest Division. A budget of Rs. 19,57,879 has been allocated for the purpose. Till 31 July, 1800 saplings had been planted on 9 hectares of forest land under this scheme.

Issued by,

Assistant Public Relations Officer,

Kangra at Dharamshala.