Chandigarh,27.11.19-Pankaj Batra Films, Omjee Star Studios and Nuclear Production proudly presents ‘Jinde Meriye’. The official poster of the film has been shared by the team on social media accounts. The film is starring Parmish verma and Sonam Bajwa once again.

The film is produced by Pankaj Batra Films,Omjee Star Studios in association with Nuclear Productions And it is directed by Pankaj Batra who has directed Goreyan Nu Dafa Karo, Bambukat and Sajjan Singh Rangroot . This time he is coming up with ‘Jinde Meriye’ and its released official poster is promising. On the other hand, Parmish verma and Sonam Bajwa are fine actors who have proved themselves before and now complimenting each other in this upcoming film.
This film will be released in theatres worldwide on 24th January, 2020. And now if we talk about the poster, It depicts that this film is going to present a love story but how pankaj batra has portrayed this love story will be interesting to watch. Also, this film is the first most awaited film of 2020.
This romantic flick is on the way, Sonam Bajwa is an actress who have tried different roles in films like Guddiyan Patole, Ardab Mutiyaran and more. Now her romantic side will be witnessed on screens alongside Parmish Verma. 'Jinde Meriye' title itself is very unique and intetesting. Distribution of this film is handled by Omjee Star Studios. Audience will surely be delighted with this full package of entertainment.