Shimla,12.08.20- BJP state general secretary Trilok Kapoor said that state Congress party president Kuldeep Rathore and state opposition leader Mukesh Agnihotri, are always in a state of confusion which is beyond the real world situation and they also create a state of confusion in people of their organization and the state. That is the reason why their party leaders do not pay any attention to them and this is the main reason of their absence from their programmes.

Trilok Kapoor clearly stated that many types of misconceptions are being spread by the opposition party regarding the Panchayati raj elections in state, while the government has already decided that elections to Panchayati Raj institutions will be conducted on time.

He said that the feedback from some panchayats is being collected . He said that there have been cases of restructuring of some panchayats, for which the government is following the procedure according to the law for the same.

He said that the concerned departments has also said to complete its work before 31 December. In view of all these things, the government is seriously deliberating this issue.

Trilok said that the Election Commission is doing its work in the state so that elections of Panchayati Raj institutions can be conducted within the stipulated time.

He said that the Congress is talking about postponing the Panchayati Raj elections because the Congress party does not have any issues to thrive on, due to which it is trying to mislead the public by making such unrealistic statements. But the people of the state are not going to fall into their trap.

He said that himachal is out of regionalism politics under the able leadership of Chief Minister Jai Ram thakur , there is an all-round development in the state.

He said that Congress leaders continue to create confusion just to be in the media. He said that the Congress leader does not see anything good on ground at this time. Congress party leaders should worry about BJP but they should give a thought about their party which is leaderless and completely scattered from top to bottom.