"FORM is temporary but CLASS is permanent "
Chandigarh,04.07.20-I want to share some positive thoughts/experiences after completing 50 days of my practice post lockdown
1. You have to increase the trust of your patients and that can be best done by showing/making them aware of various changes you have done in your Clinic for their and your safety.
2. Very very strictly follow social distancing norms in your Clinic /waiting area. Do not allow more than one patient in your Clinic at a time. Very gracefully/politely make the next patient(if he comes earlier)wait outside the clinic/in his car.
3.Social distancing is highly appreciated by the next patient who waits outside. Make him understand the importance of that.
4. One positive thing of lockdown has been that my braces patients have been very careful and have not broken there wires and brackets during this time...resulting in dramatic improvements in their treatment outcomes(functionally and aesthetics).The oral hygiene has been very good for most of patients.
5. Always give disposables(mask,shoecovers,head cap and gloves)to patients...they very often appreciate that and it keeps you also safe.
6. Talk positive things in Clinic to patients regarding Dentistry and the changes done.
7. Keep your procedures non invasive as much as possible...avoid aerosols and elective surgeries. Key is to reduce the exposure/contact time on patient.....do work fast and good.
8. Increase your ventilation to maximum....do air circulation fast..start disinfecting the Clinic in front of patient(that really leaves a impact in patient's mind)..Wait between appointments....all these things have been discussed in detail earlier many times.... BUT IT WORKS.
I know you must be doing all these things but I feel we should share positive things during these negative times. Dear friends....these times are temporary and some temporary decrease in patient's number will come back to normal in few months.....so I end by saying "
And all of us(Dentist) have a great class😄👍👍👍👍
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