CHANDIGARH,04.06.20-The second edition of the most sought after workshop series- Be a Health Manager by Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women culminated successfully. Organized under the aegis of the Skill Development Committee of the college, the seven day online workshop on health, nutrition and lifestyle management had informative sessions, replete with immensely beneficial knowledge on various aspects of management of health, by experts including renowned Gynaecologist Dr. Mangla Dogra, Dietitian Dr. Nupur Malhotra, Mr. Pancham Parashar, Plant Based Nutrition and Human Optimization Enthusiastic and Ms. Seeza Bhardwaj, Founder, The Green Loom.

Focusing on going back to nature and promoting local produce, the workshop culminated with a session titled 'Life, Health and Technology' by Dr. Gurvinder Kaur, Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration, MCM DAV College wherein the participants were apprised about the infiltration of technology into our lives, its impact on our health and how to mitigate that impact. Lamenting that technology has taken us away from the natural way of life, Dr. Gurvinder asserted that we humans need to start deliberating on how much and which technology do we need. She further added that with emotional and mental health taking a backseat in our lives and outer physical health gaining precedence, it is important to revive creativity, physical action, connection with nature and compassion for holistic health.

From session on 'Immunity across Age and Gender' to sessions on 'Lifestyle Disorders: PCOD, Anaemia, Thyroid, Diabetes and Vision', 'Hair and Skin Care', 'Stress Busters and Immunity Boosters', 'Food Labels, Wrong Food Combinations, Correct Food Storage', 'Weight Management and Detoxification', and 'Life and Technology', the workshop provided the participants rich insights about various crucial aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The participants found all the sessions extremely insightful as they learnt about ways to improve immunity, symptoms, cure and precautions regarding PCOD, mensuration, thyroid and vision, caring for various skin types, organic and home-made recipes for skin and hair care, stress busting techniques, chronic nutritional deficiencies, oxidative stress, history of food labels and preservatives, management of weight through exercise and detoxification.

Principal Dr.Nisha Bhargava lauded this initiative of the Skill Development Committee and informed that through this endeavour, MCM seeks to build knowledge that helps the students to not only manage their health and that of their loved ones but also to explore entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of health and nutrition management.