Chandigarh January 10, 2020
Professor M. O. P. Iyengar Endowment Lecture Award for PU Professor

University of Madras, Chennai (Centre of Advanced Studies in Botany) has
conferred Professor M. O. P. Iyengar Endowment Lecture Award on Dr A S Ahluwalia,
Professor P N Mehra Chair Professor, in Department of Botany, Panjab University,
Chandigarh, on January 8, 2020. Professor M. O. P. Iyengar has been recognized as the
Father of Phycology in India. Professor Ahluwalia delivered the award lecture on the
first day of International Symposium on Biodiversity, Biology and Biotechnology of
Algae, at Madras University, Chennai. Dr Ahluwalia has served the university as
Chairperson of deptt of Botany, Deptt of Environmental studies, Dean Students Welfare ,
Dean of Faculty of sciences and as P U Fellow. He has published more than 125 research
papers in national and International Journals. He is President of Punjab Academy of
Chandigarh January 10, 2020
The Department of Gandhian & Peace Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh
organized a special lecture on Research Methodology and JIYYO Research APP, here today

Dr. Meghna Sharma, founder of JIYYO Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh, launched
the APP in the presence of Dr. Manish Sharma, Chairperson. Jiyyo APP is an AI enabled
platform and supports studies ranging from small thesis to large population data
collection. All data is stored in cloud. This app can be used by anyone involved in
study or survey involving human subjects being it medical or non medical field. Any
department can create a digital library of their research using Jiyyo and store it for
infinite period. Jiyyo app provides for easy collection, compilation and organisation
of data ready for analysis. Another salient feature of this app is that Jiyyo
guarantees data security and currently involved in many projects in PGIMER Chandigarh.
The programme was attended by a large number of faculty members from various
departments including Prof. Manvinder, Prof. Ameer Sultana, Students from Department of
Library Sciences, English and Culture Studies, Women and Development Studies,
Environment Studies, Geography Department.
Chandigarh January 10, 2020
ICONICA 2020-A Global Health Care Summit
Today, a press conference was held regarding the forthcoming Global Health Care
ICONICA 2020 Conference in the University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS),
chaired by Professor Bhupinder Singh Bhoop (UIPS, Conference Chair, ICONICA 2020) and
convened by Professor Kanwaljit Chopra (Chairperson, UIPS) and Professor Jagat Bhushan
(Principal, DHSJDS&H), Organizing Secretaries of ICONICA 2020.

This international interdisciplinary Conclave is scheduled to be held on 12-14
February, 2020, on the theme of “Next-Gen Paradigms in Healthcare” under the aegis of
Panjab University, Chandigarh. The aim of ICONICA 2020 is to bring together the
International community working in diverse domains of Health Care and to provide a
conducive milieu for presenting advancements and applications in the area of
biomedical, pharmaceutical, dental, medical, health management, biotechnological and
other related sciences.

The highlight of ICONICA2020 is that over a score of renowned international
scientists and health professionals, hailing from countries like USA, UK, Austria,
Belgium, Canada, Sweden, France, Dhaka, Dubai and India have already confirmed their
presence & participation (Annexure-I attached). As anticipated from previous years’
conferences, more than 800 delegates from across the globe are likely to participate in
the deliberations.

Pre-Conference workshops will be held on 12 February 2020 to train the
novitiates on various research-related skill topics, in order to improve the
specialized know-how of the aspirant delegates (Annexure-II). The Conference events
will encompass plenary lectures, keynote talks, oral presentations and poster sessions,
all demonstrating novel, effectual and cost‐effectual research outcomes, and the
information pertaining to variegated health care precepts.

Recently, the Organizing Committee of ICONICA 2020, chaired by Professor Raj
Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Panjab University, on the request of faculty members and
students, has drastically reduced the registration fee from Rs 2000/- to Rs 1500/- and
has extended the deadline for submission of the abstracts and early bird registration
for the conference to January 31, 2020 in order to ensure maximum participation of
young scholars. The details regarding the procedure for submission of abstract and
registration are available at the dynamic website

Various departments of Panjab University are involved in organizing this mega
event (Annexure-III). All of the CRIKC Institutes, affiliated colleges of Panjab
University and nearby institutes have assured their active participation in ICONICA


Chandigarh January 10, 2020
Oral Health Program
Dr. Harvansh Singh Judge Institute of Dental sciences, Panjab University in association
with Department of Dentistry ,GMCH-Sec. 32 conducted an oral health program under the
banner of South Asian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (SAAPD) to celebrate its founder’s
day. SAAPD is an association of pediatric dentists involving six countries namely
India, Nepal, Maldives, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Oral health education was
imparted to the caregivers and teachers of approximately 400 children with special
needs at Government Rehabilitation Institute for Intellectual Disabilities, sector 31.
Children of Apna Ghar/Apne Foundation, a shelter home at Mohali, were also educated and
examined. Dr Urvashi Sharma, Dr Gurvanit Kaur Lehl and Dr Ikreet Singh along with
interns of the dental institute facilitated this outreach activity.
Chandigarh January 10, 2020
Fireside Chat at PU
An interactive session with the author of "Chennai Brew- Some Voices Some
Communities"- Ms. Anuradha Uberoi was conducted by the Department of English and
Cultural Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh under the stewardship of Dr. Deepti
Gupta, Chairperson, here today. The event saw students and teachers actively taking
part in the interaction with the talented author, who shared anecdotes and stories of
different people from different communities from all over India. Through her book she
aspires to bring people from diverse communities closer to one another while
highlighting their characteristic qualities. She shared some of her own experiences of
living in Chennai for 32 years with the audience. Dr. Deepti Gupta later presented Ms.
Uberoi with a token of appreciation and the event was wrapped up with a 'Networking at
Tea' session.
“Chennai Brew- Some Voices Some Communities talks about the four communities:
Punjabis, Sindhis, Parsis and Bengalis, who came to Madras and settled here. They came
for different reasons but stayed on in the city and consider it home.
The majority of Punjabis made their way to Madras after Partition in 1947. The
book recounts some heart rending stories of the Punjabis after India was bifurcated and
how they made their way to Madras. Inter vowen with the solemn stories are very amusing
and fascinating anecdotes of the challenges these new settlers faced in the city. Their
quirks, eccentricities, likes and dislikes are recounted in an engaging manner.

Language was an insurmountable hurdle for all four communities. The Sindhis
dealt with it by learning the language which is what they do- assimilate into the local
population and integrate with the community where they choose to live.

The other communities socialize and mix largely with their own communities.
The 207 Parsis in the city are a charming community but they are insular and prefer to
socialize amongst themselves. They support each other in times of need and do not
recognize any social hierarchies amongst them. Their eccentricities are legendary and
Anuradha recounts their humorous quirks in their own words which make for a fascinating
The Bengalis are synonymous with Durga Pooja which they celebrate with enthusiasm and
gusto. Hundreds of the city residents join them in performing Arti and eating bhog
during the festivities.
The book’s special flavour comes from the fact that Anuradha has compared the
lifestyles of the four communities with their way of life in their home states . This
provides a rich account of the communities and also gives the reader a frame of
reference, which comparing their lifestyles to their home States richly provides.

The foreword by Dr Kiran Bedi, Lt Governor of Puducherry, describes the book as
an “unvarnished account “ of the communities.

The book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand these communities
better. The book is an enjoyable read for anyone, in India or abroad, as it is
interesting and there’s never a dull moment in the book.