Chandigarh,17.10.19-“Sahil was the picture of life itself - an active, healthy, lively boy whose smile would light up any room he walked into. He was the best one can ever get in everything he did. Kind spirited and sporty, Sahil was an NCC cadet and loved playing outdoor games. Such an adorable son, God has snatched His greatest gift from us. Sahil used to make alive even the dullest of the moments. Even in his passing also, he infused life in others through organ donation.”said an inconsolable father Bhim Singh of 17 year old Sahil from Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh when he consented for his brain dead son’s organ donation.

Bhim Singh’s magnanimous gesture resulted in saving life of four patients suffering from end stage organ failure and battling for survival, one at R&R New Delhi, second at IKDRC Ahmedabad and two at PGIMER Chandigarh. The retrieved corneas, on transplantation will restore the sight of two corneal blind patients here at PGIMER.

Prof. Jagat Ram, Director PGIMER, expressing PGIMER’s indebtedness to the donor family, stated, “It is an extremely hard decision, but families like that of donor Sahil are a ray of hope, a silver lining in the dark lives of organ failure patients. It is through their generous gifts that hundreds of people each year are given a second chance at life.

DPGI further shared, “At the same time, we can not underestimate the commitment of the entire team of PGIMER involved in the process right from brain death certification committee, transplant coordinators, testing labs, treating doctors and especially intensivists who maintain the potential donor in the best condition for optimum usage of organs and transplant surgeons who save precious lives with their skill and synergy.”

It was the fateful day of 8th October, when a joyous ride on Activasuddenly turned into an unprecedented tragedy for Sahil as the two wheeler skidded on a bumpy road, making Sahil lose the balance and his head hitting the pavement leading to grievous head injuries. On getting the tragic news, the family first rushed Sahil to a local hospital and then shifted him to Govt. Medical College, Tanda. Seeing no improvement in his condition, Sahil was shifted to PGIMER in an extremely critical condition on 10th October.

But all the efforts of the family and friends could not deter the dark tragedy as Sahil could not be revived and subsequently, after following the protocols as per THOA 1994, was declared brain dead in the evening hours of 15th October.

When it became clear that Sahil would not come out his devastating head injury, the transplant coordinators at PGIMER approached Bhim Singh, the bereaved father, to request if he could consider organ donation. The resolute and brave heart father Bhim Singh showcased immense grit and consented for organ donation.

Prof. A.K.Gupta, Medical Superintendent cum Head, Deptt. of Hospital Administration, PGIMER, while detailing about the latest case, said, “As Sahil’sfamily wanted their son to relive in others, it became our moral duty as well to respect their wish. Following the family's consent, we secured his heart, liver, kidneys and corneas. Once the donor organs became available, everyone swiftly got into action leaving no stone unturned to ensure that Sahil’s legacy continues. As the cross matching indicated no matching recipient for heart and liver in PGIMER, we immediately got in touch with other transplant hospitals to explore options for matching recipients and finally heart was allocated to Army R & R Hospital, New Delhi and liver was allocated to IKDRC, Ahmedabad with the intervention of NOTTO”

Elaborating about the Green Corridors created for the case, Prof. (Dr.) Vipin Koushal, Nodal Officer, ROTTO PGIMER shared,“To ensure safe and speedy transport of the harvested organs, two Green Corridors had to be created in conjunction with the retrieval timings. The first one was created from PGIMER to Technical Air Port Chandigarh at around 3.00 pm for the transportation of retrieved heart and second one was created at 3.15 pm from PGIMER to International Air Port yesterday to enable safe passage for the transport of liver for the onward flight to Ahmedabad.”

Prof. (Dr.) Koushal further added, “It was literally a race against time. We had to complete all the procedural formalities, harvesting process as well as transportation of the organs. But commendable efforts by PGIMER Security Deptt., Chandigarh & Mohali Police, CISF and Airport Staff on duty that we accomplished in making it on time through green corridors.”

The harvested kidneys were transplanted in two renal failure patients here in PGIMER, Before the transplants, both the matching recipients were suffering from the last stage of debilitating kidney ailment and had been dependent on dialysis for long. The retrieved corneas, on transplantation will restore the sight of two corneal blind patients here at PGIMER.